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Virginia's parents make a surprise visit. Tessa makes sure her grandmother finds out that Virginia is sleeping with Bill. Virginia's mother doesn't congratulate the work her daughter has done. Instead, she's proud for trying to get her life together with a new man, and urges Virginia to break up Bill's marriage to Libby. In response, Virginia asks Daniel out. 

Bill prepares to make a speech to her former colleagues at Washington University. He also finds out his son has been bullied. He confronts the kid on the street and scares him. Libby doesn't approve of her husband's actions. Bill makes an incredible speech and proves his old colleagues wrong. 

Margaret and Graham work on their sex life more which concerns Jo. When Jo confronts Margaret, Margaret realizes she hasn't solved anything in her life. She just chose to be with a man who was the complete opposite of Barton. After leaving Graham, she opens up to Barton. He realizes he needs to do the right thing to make things better between Margaret and their daughter, so he decides to tell her the real reason why their marriage ended. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Margaret: What am I doing?
Barton: Yes.
Margaret: I'm living in the truth. At least I'm trying to, which is far more than I can say for you.

Well, why don't you tell your friends that your daughter has co-authored a seminal work on human sexuality, and she's supporting herself, handsomely, from the proceeds.