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Virginia and Nancy's relationship remains icy, but they team up to investigate a retreat. Through this retreat, they learn there are countless people copying the work done by Masters and Johnson. Virginia tells Nancy that Art isn't happy with their swinging marriage. Virginia also runs into her father at the retreat which causes Virginia to tell Bill they need to go undercover to all these different clinics and retreats to stop the people copying them and giving couples false and inaccurate help.

Bill reaches out to his first love Dody. She calls him after reading his letter. He wants to know what happened to them when they were young and he asked her to marry him but she never responded and left. They plan to met up, but Bill is surprised when Dody's husband shows up instead. He claims Bill broke Dody's heart, and he doesn't want him anywhere near his wife. Bill decides to got to Topeka, Kansas where Dody lives when Virginia mentions going undercover. 

Barton is disturbed to realize Art may be trying to use conversion therapy at the clinic. Everyone agrees conversion therapy shouldn't be done, but Bill decides the time is right to start including homosexuals in their studies. 

Betty tries to convince Austin to file for custody of Helen's baby. When Helen's mother shows up, she tells Betty she has no place around the child and to stay away. 

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Wouldn't hurt you either, would it? Being able to bring your wife a big case like that, like a cat dropping a dead mouse on its owner's welcome mat.


I screwed up so many things in my life, but Helen was the one thing I got right. We got each other right. Not that everything was all daffodils, but there was never a sliver of a doubt that we really loved each other 'cause we really did. Sometimes things are so right you don't even think to question them.