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Bill and Virginia go undercover at a competing clinic to see how much of their methods have been stolen. Dody stops by Bill's hotel room. He asks about why she never responded to his note, but she had never received it. She knows the question he would have asked and she says she would have said yes. Virginia meets Dody's husband by the ice machine. He followed his wife there, and Virgina is shocked Bill was hiding someone from her. The next morning, she questions Bill about Dody, but realizes that the way she feels must be the same as how she made Bill feel for years. The doctors, Marcia and Harvey, tell Bill and Nancy they need to observe them have sex. Bill is hesitant at first, but they eventually have sex, and Virginia tells Bill she loves him.

Nancy and Art meet with the Clavermores. Mr. Clavermore brings up the idea of expanding the clinic to somewhere like New York. Nancy is eager to get away from Bill and Virginia, so she manipulates her husband into agreeing by using the knowledge that Art actually doesn't like swinging. 

Austin comes into the clinic saying he and Betty got married so they could file for custody of Helen's baby. He also urges Guy to sign up for the homosexual study. However, Lester tells him not to. He explains how his wife hasn't treated sex the same way since she participated in the study.

Libby feels the itch to get into law after working as a secretary in the law office. She manages to get Keller's soon to be ex-wife to hand over the items Keller had wanted back. She asks him what he thinks about a woman her age going to school.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

But it's interesting though, the suggestion that feeling undeserving of pleasure can affect the way a man perceives himself... choices he makes.


If I know Virginia, she'll take full advantage of this trip. They're posing as a couple, after all. They're going through treatment. I think she's hoping the Masters and Johnson method will work on Masters and Johnson.