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Bill and Virginia are sleeping together again, but Bill is unsure of their relationship. He confesses to his AA group that he is back with his addiction, Virginia. Virginia shows up after one of his meetings, and they end up engaged.

Bill learns Louise has fallen off the wagon after her attempt to have sex with her husband. Bill finds her at a bar, and they talk about choices.

Virginia's parents show up in town. Her father tells her he wants to get help with their sex life. Virginia learns from her mother that her father had had an affair for years. 

Nancy reveals she is pregnant to Art but doesn't know who the father is. She talks to Barton to arrange an abortion. Later on, art listens to the audio recording during Nancy's meeting with Barton. He listens to Nancy confirm he was in fact the father, but that she needs to feel free and a baby keeps her chained to Art.

Libby accompanies Keller on a job, but they end up stuck in traffic with hippies on their way to Woodstock. Libby ends up leaving Keller behind as she joins the crowd heading to the festival.

Masters of Sex
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Masters of Sex Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

What is it that we're hiding, exactly? You don't have a wife anymore, Bill. I don't have a husband. We've just gotten so used to keeping secrets that we've forgotten that we don't have to anymore.


We only feel like ourselves... we only know who we are... when we feel worthless.