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EZ is driving a school bus transporting Coco and a group of women and children to one of Galindo's drug manufacturing houses. Once they arrive the women and children hand over their backpacks and purses to be used for concealing the drugs and hauling them back to Santo Padre. 

Miguel Galindo sits at a table in the middle of the ruins of a burned down house or building. His wife Emily arrives, and they discuss rebuilding. Marcus Alvarez is there wearing a suit signifying his transition from Mayans M.C. club president to Galindo's personal advisor. 

Back at the clubhouse, Bishop holds a meeting to discuss a potential traitor within the M.C. Three prison inmates have died as a result of consuming drugs distributed by one of the club members. Bishop is adamant the problem gets resolved, so their drug-running deal with Galindo can move forward. He states that he wishes Alvarez was still a part of the M.C. because he knew how to handle internal problems. 

After the members inform Bishop that Angel is enjoying his task of keeping watch over Adelita, he decides to put EZ on Adelita watch instead. Although he is unaware of what caused the brothers fractured relationship, he decides the best way for them to resolve their problems is to work it out face to face. 

As Angel and some of the other club members are handing out food in an impoverished community a woman referred to as the Saint arrives and meets with Adelita. 

Coco, Bishop, EZ, and Tranq meet with Marcus Alvarez and a group of Potter's military guys headed by an ex green beret named Hobart. They gather at a house and bust in the door, and a gunfight ensues. The club members and Hobart's crew manage to take out everyone that was inside the residence. 

The club members go through the house planting evidence to make it look like the house was a rebel command post. Just when they think they are in the clear one of Hobarts men finds Minnie spying outside. EZ tries to convince them that she is just a kid, but they reveal that she is carrying a satellite phone and a KG9 in her backpack. 

Before Minnie was found she was trying to communicate with Adelita over the satellite phone and it is then revealed that Adelita is pregnant.  

The club members begin taking out Hobart's men one by one so they can rescue Minnie. Just as Alvarez is about to be shot, EZ tackles the man and strangles him to death. The men look at EZ with a mixture of surprise and respect while EZ appears to be shocked at himself for the level of violence he committed. 

At Felipe's butcher shop, Potter shows up. Potter refers to Felipe as Ignacio and lets him know that he is aware of Felipe's past as an inspector. Felipe doesn't divulge any information, and before Potter can interrogate him anymore his partner arrives. 

At the Galindo household, things are tense between Dita and Emily. Dita's disdain is palpable as she mutters an insult towards Emily in Spanish. 

Bishop quizzes Alvarez on how bad it is going to be since they killed Potter's mercs and Alvarez lets him know that it is very bad. Alvarez thanks EZ for saving his life. 

Happy, a club member from the Sons of Anarchy meets with Chuckie to deliver guns. Chuckie reminds Happy that the Son's former president, Jax Teller, wanted them out of the gun business. Happy informs him that things haven't went as smoothly as they thought it would. 

Felipe arrives looking for EZ. After Felipe departs Happy asks Chuckie who he is. Chuckie tells him that Felipe is EZ and Angel's father. Happy seems bothered by the knowledge that Felipe has two sons that are Mayans. 

Emily is going over the Santo Padre Agricultural Expansion Proposal, and Miguel arrives. Emily tries to tell him that his mother, Dita, is getting worse, but he seems unbothered by her worries. 

EZ meets with a cop who gives him Happy's criminal record. The cop lets EZ know that he doesn't want it to blowback on him because Happy is "extremely dangerous." EZ assures him that he is safe and they part ways. 

EZ is going through a box containing all of the information he has gathered on Happy when Felipe shows up. Felipe tells him that Potter came to see him and asks EZ about Angel. Felipe reveals that it has been eight months since he has heard from Angel. 

Potter thinks he has Galindo where he wants him, but he is unaware of the deal Galindo made with the Mayans M.C. and Los Olvidados. The clubs goal was to convince Potter that the men they killed alongside Hobart and his crew were the last of Adelita's rebels. The discovery of Minnie and the club being forced to kill Hobart's crew ruined their plan. 

Potter decides that Adelita has given birth and is responsible for the death of Hobart's crew. He moves her picture from inactive to active on his board. 

EZ tries to communicate with Angel to no avail. Bishop and the others notice the continued friction between the brothers and are fed up with it. 

Miguel is supposed to take Dita to the doctor because Emily has a meeting to attend. He doesn't show up and rejects Emily's phone call. Instead, he and Alvarez go to meet with Adelita. 

Bishop holds a meeting with all of the charters involved with their drug-running deal. They are all forced to leave their weapons at the door before entering. Bishop lets them know that someone has been cutting the drugs and three inmates have died because of it. EZ is called in to point out the package that has been altered. The label has been removed and placed in a different spot. 

The drugs are tested, and it is revealed that Captain Delcamino from the Tucson charter is responsible. He attempts to pull his gun out, but Coco and Tranq stop him. Bishop instructs the Tucson President to handle the problem before they leave. 

As EZ is leaving Bishop tells him to sit. Bishop informs EZ that the trouble between him and Angel has gone on long enough, and while he initially didn't want to get involved, it's time they fix it.  

The members of the Tucson charter handle their rogue member by injecting him with the drugs that he tampered with effectively killing him. 

Miguel returns home to an angry Emily. Emily quizzes Miguel on where he has been and is upset when he informs her that he has been with Adelita. Emily asks him if Adelita has revealed who the father of her baby is and Miguel tells her no. 

Dita overhears their conversation from upstairs. She removes her wig and reveals a large burn on the back of her head going down her neck. 

Happy goes through a box in his room and finds a folder containing information about EZ and Angel's mother, Marisol. He then opens a second folder containing information about Felipe. 

As EZ is driving, he sees a young mother with her children and has a flashback to a memory of himself and Angel with their mother when they were young boys. EZ arrives at Angel's house and Angel is not happy to see him. He tries to brush him off, but EZ persists. EZ pulls out his box containing information on Happy and informs Angel that he knows who killed their mother.   




Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Angel: What are you doing here?
EZ: We have to talk, Angel.
Angel: There's nothing to talk about.
EZ: Yeah, there is.
Angel: What's your sponsor saying? Golden boy didn't get the votes he needs?
EZ: I don't give a fuck about the vote.
Angel: If this is about Pop, man, stay out of it. Its none of your fucking business.
EZ: It's not about Pop. It's about Mom.
Angel: What?
EZ: I know who killed her.

Potter: Not many butcher shops with a classic literature section.
Felipe: I know who you are.
Potter: Obviously, a meat-eater. Of course, you know who I am. I wouldn't expect anything less from a man with your experience.
Felipe: This about my son?
Potter: Actually, it's about you, Ignacio. And your days as an inspector in DivisiĆ³n Antidrogas. I have so many questions. I truly hope that Ezekiel gets his eidetic memory from you.