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Miguel leaves the medical files out for Dita to see that show Cristobal Sr. died from pneumonia, not a kidnapping like she said. He reprimands her for lying and says she should've trusted him. When she asks where Devante is, he just tells her it's done and they must move on. 

EZ visits Felipe at the meat shop. He tells his dad that Potter wants him and Angel to kill Jiminez. Felipe knows that Jiminez has something on the DEA and that's why they want him out of the picture. Felipe pleas with EZ not to do it and asks him to promise him he won't do anything until Felipe gets answers. 

EZ stops by the scrapyard and is tasked with picking up food for the party later and getting Alvarez's travel bag. Angel sees EZ leave and gets worried when Chuckie doesn't have the answers he's looking for. 

The Mayans vote on the new deal with the Galindo cartel. They will be working with the Sons of Anarchy to deliver the product. It'll be a very profitable deal for all sides. 

Jiminez visits Felipe and Felipe brings him to the back. After talking about what went down with at the DEA, Jiminez reveals to Felipe that he truly cares about his family. Felipe, who was planning to shoot and kill him, can't find it in him to do it. Felipe tells Jiminez to head north and be with his family. 

Angel visits Felipe and asks if he knows where Jiminez is. Felipe rambles on about how he wasn't able to do it. He begs Angel not to do it, but Angel says he has to, for EZ. He asks his dad where Jiminez is one more time. EZ gets a call from Potter who reminds him the clock is ticking. 

Angel arrives at Jiminez's house and points a gun at him but Jiminez fights back. Agent Bowen arrives but ends up being shot by EZ. Angel shoots Jiminez while he's staring at EZ. 

Potter comes to the house after they call him. He gives them instructions as to how he wants them to dispose of the bodies. 

Miguel and Nestor reminisce. Miguel informs him that he's been demoted due to the new partnership he's formed. Meanwhile, Dita and Emily have a tense conversation. 

Angel is freaked by what they just did, whereas EZ remains calm. Angel says this wasn't supposed to be EZ's life but EZ reminds him that he made his own choices that led to this. They bury Jiminez in the tunnel and share a couple of memories they have of their cousin. 

Angel tells EZ that after this he must leave the M.C. and Santo Padre. Later, he meets Adelita at the rebels new home and they share an intimate moment. She asks if he'd like to spend the night, but he declines because it wouldn't be right when he hates himself so much. 

Potter erases all traces of EZ's criminal past. Before he leaves he tells EZ he owes him one since he took care of the additional person that he killed.  

Coco and Gilly celebrate with Angel who has been promoted to secretary. Meanwhile, EZ asks Bishop and other members of the M.C. for a favor. 

Felipe visits the scrapyard and asks Angel what happened. Angel says he took care of it and Felipe's golden boy is in the clear. He warns Felipe to make sure EZ leaves in the morning. 

The Sons of Anarchy, including Happy, come to the party. Bishop sits beside Angel and informs him EZ asked him to be his new sponsor. Angel is unhappy that EZ didn't follow his orders. 

Miguel welcomes Alvarez into his home. Alvarez has left Mayans M.C. and will now be Miguel's advisor. 

EZ comes across Happy and has a flashback to the day his mom died. He remembers seeing his face before he was arrested. 

Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

EZ, you can't let Potter turn you into a monster. It's not who you are.


EZ: We're supposed to be back soon. I picked up Alvarez's bag and ordered the meat from pop.
Angel: We just wasted two feds, and you're worried about being late to the party?