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Angel looks through the contents of the box EZ shared with him. Angel questions EZ on why he hasn't said anything sooner, and EZ lets him know that that this is the first time in eight months that Angel has had anything to do with him. Angel is baffled at all of the information on Happy that EZ has gathered. EZ tells him that without proof he can't go to the police, and because of the clubs ties to SAMCRO he is unable to share his findings with the Mayans president, Bishop. 

EZ acknowledges that he betrayed Angel. He lets him know that he isn't the golden boy that Angel likes to refer to him as. EZ shares with Angel that he stayed because of him and their father, and because of his desire to be part of the club. Angel finally seems to understand the decisions EZ made. The two brothers finally seem to have made progress in repairing their relationship; with Angel vowing to join EZ in avenging their mother's death. 

Dita is getting ready for bed when she pulls out a photo of her and Miguel's father, Jose. She smiles fondly and says "goodnight sweetheart." The scene shifts to Felipe also getting ready for bed. Next to his bed rests a gun and a photo of Marisol. He lies down and says "I miss you so much, my love." 

Angel and EZ arrive at the brothel where the M.C. is hiding Adelita. Bishop notices that Angel and EZ arrived together and approaches EZ. He lets Bishop know that they are working on things. EZ tells Bishop that he has to go to Stockton to sign some papers for the parole board and that Angel has agreed to accompany him. Bishop wants to send Coco and Gilly as well, but EZ convinces him just to let Angel go alone, so they can continue talking. 

Angel visits with Adelita in her room. He seems concerned that she isn't comfortable there, and lets her know that her stay there is just temporary. Angel rubs the swell of Adelita's stomach and feels the baby kick. Adelita refers to the baby as she, but Angel is insistent that the baby will be a boy. As Angel lays his head against her stomach and speaks to the baby, Adelita appears to be deep in thought. 

Angel informs Adelita that he wants to share with his family that he is going to be a father. Adelita reminds him that he is not on good terms with his family at the moment, and wants to keep it a secret for a little while longer. Angel gets defensive and reminds Adelita that she is not very forthcoming with information regarding her life. Adelita doesn't dispute his statement but points out that their flaws are what makes their relationship work. She convinces him that it would be best to wait until the baby is born and they are all safe before sharing the news.  

At a house serving as a base for Los Olvidados, Minnie is in a room packing a backpack. Pablo enters and reassures Minnie that she will be reunited with Adelita soon. Minnie waits for him to leave before she takes her bag and escapes out the back door. 

Emily and Dita arrive to meet Miguel. Before Emily departs Dita makes a snide remark about Emily being "so busy." Miguel wishes Emily luck for her meeting and Emily shares that she hopes Dita's doctor can convince her to see a therapist. 

EZ visits Felipe's shop to exchange a book and Angel arrives. Felipe is happy when EZ informs him that he and Angel finally talked. Felipe follows EZ outside and lets Angel know that he is happy to see him. EZ flashes a devious grin at Angel before they hit the road. 

An old friend greets Emily at the Mayor's office. When the woman informs Emily that she had dinner with her mother, Diana, it is implied that Emily doesn't have a good relationship with her mother. The friend also informs Emily that there are six bids for the Agricultural Park. Emily is disturbed to realize that there is now a competition for who will win the bid, and storms into the Mayor's office. 

Mayor Antonia Peña doesn't back down as Emily berates her. She informs Emily that she is not a cartel boss and unable to offer them special favors. An offended Emily states that the town wouldn't be what it is without Miguel, and he should be Mayor Peña's primary concern. 

Bishop and crew arrive to meet Alvarez and discover that Minnie is missing. At the same time, the mercs are going around to various businesses showing pictures of Minnie and Adelita and asking if anyone has seen them. Minnie barely slips by the mercs without being seen. 

EZ and Angel stop at a convenience store, and EZ reveals that Happy lives inside Charming. They are unsure of their next move, but Angel asks EZ if he trusts him. Two bikers that passed EZ and Angel earlier arrive. The bikers are not pleased that they were not informed that Mayans club members would be passing through their territory. They try to intimidate the brothers, but Angel pulls his gun out and gives them a verbal beating. Back on the road, Angel sees a sign for an arcade and convinces EZ to stop there.  

Once outside of the Mayor's office Emily calls Miguel to let him know what happened. Miguel orders Nestor to stay and wait for Dita while he goes to be with Emily. 

While playing games at the arcade, EZ attempts to reason with Angel regarding their father. He is unsuccessful as Angel disregards his words and makes a bitter comment about Felipe. A young girl in the arcade seems to be paying close attention to them. When she turns to make a phone call it is revealed that she has a tattoo with the same symbol that was on the kuttes of the bikers from earlier.   

Alvarez and Bishop are searching for Minnie when they spot the mercs in the same location. 

Dita's doctor tells her that everyone wants her to get better as she is leaving. She returns to the waiting room to find Nestor instead of Miguel and slips out before she can be seen. 

As EZ and Angel leave the arcade the bikers that they had a run-in with earlier arrive with a large number of members in tow. When one of them charges Angel, EZ grabs two golf clubs, and the brothers fight their way out. EZ and Angel run to their bikes and draw their guns. Angel shoots two holes into a car before they take off and a chase ensues. EZ manages to kick one of the bikers off of his bike before the police arrive. Angel advises that they will have to settle their score another time. They all work together to create a cloud of dust which leads one police cruiser to crash into the other so that they can get away. 

With no luck in finding Minnie, the M.C. attempts to leave. Coco and Riz spot a gun sticking out from under a tarp on the back of their truck, and are surprised to find Minnie there. 

The mercs let Hobart know they didn't find Minnie but did discover that two club members were looking for her as well. After finding out that they weren't searching for Adelita too, Hobart instructs his men to track the club members. 

Emily and Miguel are talking in the car when Nestor arrives to inform Miguel that Dita is missing. Dita shows up at Felipe's shop, and he looks shocked, but not upset to see her. 

After EZ and Angel arrive at the Stockton charter, two cops show up and throw a racist remark at EZ before spitting on his bike. A Stockton member named Medina advises EZ to stay away from them. 

Bishop, Riz, and Coco show up to Adelita's room to check on Minnie. Adelita thanks them for letting her stay and tells Coco that Minnie feels safe with him. 

Felipe questions Dita about how she knew where he was while he is driving her home. She lets him know that she has seen him and his sons at his shop. He tells her that they have a different name and know nothing of his past. Felipe seems shaken while Dita seems pleased to have reconnected with him and voices her desire to see him again. 

When Dita arrives, Miguel attempts to admonish her for her behavior, but she stops him. She claims that she was disoriented when she left the doctor and Felipe found her. She scurries off leaving Miguel confused. 

One of Hobart's men plant a tracking device on the M.C.'s bronco.

Emily gives Dita medicine to help her sleep and Miguel questions Emily as to why Dita would have gone to EZ's father. Emily assures him that Dita knows nothing of her past with EZ. She tells him that Dita has finally agreed to see a shrink. Dita pulls out the same photo from earlier and unfolds it revealing Felipe and another man standing next to her. 

Back in Stockton the club members are outside eating when Medina heads to the woods to relieve himself. Medina comes across the two dirty cops from earlier having a sexual exchange with a woman. He yells at them, and they shoot him before fleeing the scene. EZ and the others hear the shots and run toward the woods. They find Medina, but it is too late. Angel helps EZ up off the ground, and they look at their hands which are now covered in blood. 


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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Angel: Pops.
Felipe: Good to see you, son. Travel safe.

Angel: So, you, you just been living with this?
EZ: How the fuck was I supposed to tell you? This is the first time in eight months you've looked me in the eyes.
Angel: Yeah, I get that. Pops know anything about this?
EZ: No.
Angel: Why are you telling me now, man?
EZ: When everything unraveled with Potter, I know I betrayed you. I know staying here in the club, it kept that wound fresh. The life everyone thought I was supposed to have, the one I thought I fucked up, none of that was real. I'm not the golden boy, Angel. I stayed because I was afraid. You and Pop? You're the only thing I know in my life is real. And the club? I need to be a part of something.
Angel: You didn't answer my question.
EZ: I can't lose you, Angel.
Angel: This is the tie that binds. Most people would either put a bullet in his head or walked away from this, but this, bro, this is fucking nuts. You got arrest records, family history, timelines. Jesus Christ, you did a fucking psychological profile on him.
EZ: I had to do something. I have no proof other than what I know I saw. Couldn't take it to the cops. M.C.s relationship with SAMCRO, couldn't take it to Bishop.
Angel: And that look in your eye, brother? Its the same look you had nine years ago. Put you in this whole fucking mess.
EZ: I don't know how to do this.
Angel: You're not gonna let it go until you do. Til it's finished. And now neither will I.