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Potter arrives at the safe house and is appalled to find that Hobart is holding Adelita in a dog cage. Potter releases Adelita from the cage and apologizes for the harsh treatment. He introduces her to a doctor so that she can have a checkup, but she refuses. Once Adelita is escorted to the restroom, Potter mentions to his partner Agent Ramirez, that he finds it odd that someone of Miguel's stature would get involved with the apprehension of Adelita. 

Hobart informs Potter that they have found a clearing to land a helicopter so they can transport Adelita. Agent Ramirez points out the lack of discretion, prompting Potter to decide against it. Potter instructs Hobart to assume that everyone is a spy and to come up with an alternate means of transportation. 

Adelita reenters the room, and Potter sits down to speak with her. Adelita isn't buying Potter's nice guy routine and demands to know his intentions. He informs her that she will be transferred to a holding cell until she gives birth, and then her baby will be used against her for leverage so that Potter can get the information he wants. 

Emily discovers that Miguel has returned home, and he brings her up to speed on the events surrounding Adelita's arrest. Upon listening to how upset he is, Emily confronts Miguel regarding his feelings for Adelita. He appears shocked and tries unsuccessfully to explain that he merely respects Adelita, but does not love her. 

Once EZ and Angel return to the clubhouse Bishop confronts them about their altercation with the swole boys. Bishop reprimands Angel and EZ comes to his defense. Angel shuts EZ down before he can say too much and get himself in trouble for disrespecting the M.C. President. Angel decides to take a step back until the club can meet to decide on his punishment. Coco alerts Bishop to a call coming in from Alvarez. 

Felipe pulls up just as Bishop announces to everyone that the mercs have captured Adelita. Angel charges toward Felipe leading EZ to believe Angel is going to confront their father about his past. Once Angel reaches Felipe he buries his head into his father's chest and sobs uncontrollably. 

Bishop, Taza, and Hank meet with Miguel and Alvarez in the underground tunnel. Miguel informs them that Potter has reached out to him for assistance with transporting Adelita. Bishop states that Potter has Hobart, so why would he need Miguel's help. Miguel shares his belief that Potter is just testing him to find out if he can be trusted. Potter is perplexed as to why rebellion is increasing since he believes he has been successful in the dismantling of Los Olvidados. Potter also thinks the rebels were responsible for killing the mercs who captured Mini instead of the M.C. Miguels presence when Adelita was apprehended only fueled the fire on Potter's suspicions. 

Pablo and Palomo arrive to meet with Miguel. Palomo exchanges greetings with the club members and Hank informs her that at their table she is referred to as "the saint." Palomo kindly disagrees and explains that Adelita is the true saint and urges them to "bring her home." 

EZ and Angel are in EZ's camper getting a beer to bring outside to a waiting Felipe. Angel apologizes for his breakdown earlier, and EZ asks him if it was because of Adelita. EZ explains that Angel hasn't been very open since the deal with Galindo was made, but Angel points out that he just hasn't been very open with him. EZ lets Angel know that he is there for him and can talk to him, but Angel chooses not to share. 

Angel changes the subject to Felipe and asks EZ what he's supposed to say to their father. EZ states that they should wait until they hear from Happy before saying anything to Felipe. 

EZ and Angel join Felipe outside. They offer him a beer and take a seat on the tailgate of his truck. Felipe studies Angel and asks him if he is doing okay. Angel assures his father that he is okay and apologizes for being distant. Felipe also apologizes and states that he should have been more attentive. Felipe notes that they all are messed up. 

Chuckie pulls up to let EZ and Angel know that they are needed at the dress warehouse. He notices the Reyes men have reunited and states that he is pleased to see them all getting along again. 

Emily visits a storage unit and searches through boxes containing family documents and pictures. She discovers several pictures of Dita with Felipe Reyes. 

At the dress warehouse, Miguel shares what he has learned from his police contact in Mexico. The police unit in Mexico has been put on standby, while the unit on the US side has been removed from patrol. Miguel and the others conclude that Potter is clearing both sides of the wall in an attempt to transport Adelita across the border. Palomo was able to use her connections and found out that someone has bought or rented a property with cash recently. They believe that is where Potter is holding Adelita.

Before Miguel leaves, Alvarez advises him to make sure he is seen in public, so the rescue mission can't be traced back to him. Bishop instructs Angel to keep watch in the tunnels, but Angel refuses. Bishop is shocked and confused by Angel's sudden disrespect. Bishop reminds Angel that he is supposed to be stepping back until the club meets, but once again Angel refuses. Angel shoves the table and screams at Bishop that he will have to shoot him if he wants to stop him. 

A confused and angry Bishop motions for Angel to step away to talk to him. Bishop advises Angel to settle whatever problem he has now and threatens to hurt him if he ever disrespects him again. Angel shoves Bishop and takes a swing at him, but misses. Bishop tackles Angel and proceeds to choke him, but then Angel screams out that he is the father of Adelita's baby. 

Everyone is shocked at angel's revelation. Bishop asks if anyone knows the baby is his and Angel informs him that Adelita wouldn't allow him to tell anyone. Bishop smacks the back of his head, and they share a hug and a laugh. 

At the safehouse, the mercs have devised a plan for transporting Adelita. They have two pregnant locals they are going to use as decoys to throw off any potential spies. Hobart tells Adelita that if it wanst for the "bastard" in her belly that he would have already slit her throat and she replies that someday her "bastard" may slit his throat. 

The M.C. keeps watch across the street from the safehouse. They see the first decoy leave but can't tell if its Adelita because there is a black bag over the woman's head. Angel is growing increasingly frustrated, and EZ looks worried. 

Miguel leaves a jewelry store to find Potter waiting for him. Potter attempts to ruffle Miguel to see if he slips up, but Miguel ends up beating Potter at his own game. After their encounter, Potter calls Agent Ramirez and tells her to change the plans because he wasn't able to read Miguel. 

A somber Angel asks EZ if he is angry with him for not visiting much while EZ was in prison. EZ tells him that he's not angry and Angel acknowledges that he wasn't a very good brother. EZ tells him that he's changed and that he is going to be a good father. Angel is scared that he is going to mess everything up,  but EZ reassures him that is not true. 

The mercs lead out another pregnant decoy, and the M.C. believes that it is Adelita. They gather their gear to follow the mercs, but before they leave, EZ notices a station wagon pull up outside. Just as the mercs realize that someone is tailing them the woman's water breaks and she goes into labor. They pull over and get her out of the car. Angel and the others drive by just in time to see the bag being removed from her head revealing that it is not Adelita. 

The club members stop to come up with another game plan when EZ remembers the station wagon. They realize that was the transport for Adelita and set off to find it. 

Emily visits Felipe at his shop to question him about the information she discovered in the storage locker. He confirms that he did work for Jose Galindo, but refuses to reveal any more information. He tells Emily that the truth would only hurt the people she loved. Before Emily leaves Felipe asks her if Miguel has seen the pictures and she tells him no. 

The M.C. finally tracks down the station wagon. They shoot one of Hobart's men that are driving and an agent in the passenger seat. EZ ends up having to pull in front of the station wagon to get it to stop. Angel pulls Adelita out of the trunk and tries to convince her to escape, but she refuses to go. She tells angel that potter will stop chasing everyone else if he has her. Angel begs her to come with him, but she won't. EZ drags Angel away just as two police cars arrive. 


Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Adelita: You don't care about me or my child. Answer the question.
Potter: We're taking you to a federal holding facility. We'll keep you healthy and comfortable until the birth. Then we'll want to know all the things you know. We'll torture you, but that probably won't work so we'll use your child as leverage. I have a theory, a blasphemous one; I dont believe King Soloman was a wise man at all. I think he was a malevolent sadist who just got lucky. A mother's love knows no boundaries, nor can it hide the truth that holds it.

Potter: You put her in a fucking dog cage.
Hobart: We didn't have a cell.