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The episode begins with EZ tightening Happy's restraints while the rest of the club rides toward Bakersfield. 

Emily is meeting with a couple of business associates when Miguel enters the room. She joins him in the kitchen and explains that her associates have recommended they lower the tax credit by three percent so that they will look less corporate. Emily explains that it will cost them more money upfront, but she believes that it is a wise decision. Although Miguel is unsure at first he gives her the okay to move forward. 

Alvarez arrives, and Miguel lets Emily know that he will be going across the border to deal with the Potter situation. Dita enters, and Emily informs Miguel that Dita has her first appointment with the shrink. Emily offers to take Dita and keep watch over her. Miguel kisses her cheek and proceeds to leave. Emily calls out for him and instructs him to "be careful." 

Back at Happy's house EZ and Angel search for information regarding their mother. EZ tells Happy that he saw him the night of his mother's death. Angel punches Happy in the face and tells him that they know he was an assassin for SAMCRO. They ask him who hired him, but he refuses to talk. A frustrated Angel puts a cigarette out on happy's chest before pulling out his gun and shoving it in Happy's face. Before Angel can pull the trigger, a frantic EZ asks Happy if the cartel was involved, leaving Angel confused. 

Adelita is traveling in the Bronco with Miguel and Alvarez. She questions Miguel about the extent of Potters' knowledge regarding her. Miguel informs her that Potter believes she is involved with Palomo, and he's targeting Palomo because he can't find Adelita. 

At Happy's, EZ shows Angel the book he has containing information about Felipe's past. Angel responds by punching EZ in the face, and a fight ensues. While the brothers continue brawling in his kitchen, Happy smiles and shakes his head. 

The club members stop for a break at a convenience store. As they get ready to get back on the road, they realize that a large group of bikers called the Swoleboys appear to be waiting for them. Bishop decides to reach out to Sons of Anarchy San Bernadino President, Packer, but advises the club members to avoid a confrontation unless they're forced into one. 

Out on the road, the Swoleboys surround the Mayans and swerve into Riz, causing him to crash. The president of the Swoleboys informs Bishop that this is payback, but Bishop has no idea what he's talking about. Creeper wrecks into some of the Swoleboys giving the Mayans a chance to draw their guns. The M.C. fires and the Swoleboys take off. They head back to find Riz who is lying unconscious on the ground. 

Finally having calmed down EZ and Angel have a heart to heart on Happy's kitchen floor. Angel explains that he has felt like he was less than EZ his whole life and blames their parents for it. He believes they preferred EZ over him. EZ apologizes to Angel and tells him that wasn't true. Happy overhears their conversation and baits them by mocking Angel. 

The brothers shift their focus back to Happy and resume their mission. Angel notices the smiley faces on Happy's stomach and wonders aloud which one represents their mother. Happy looks worried. EZ hands Angel a knife and Angel proceeds to dig into Happy's skin and remove one of the smiley faces. 

After dropping Dita off at her doctor's appointment, Emily advises Nestor to stay with her, and watch the exits so that Dita can't try to escape again. When Dita's doctor greets her Dita hands her two thousand dollars in cash, and advises her to say their visit went well. Dr. Luna tries to resist, but Dita threatens to ruin her career if she doesn't comply. 

Bishop meets with Packer to share with him the conflict that's developed with the Swoleboys. Packer is on board with whatever the M.C. decides to do. 

Unable to get any information out of Happy, EZ and Angel struggle to come up with a solution. Hallorann keeps calling Happy, so they deduce that their best option is to kill Happy and make it look like someone broke into his house. They decide to try with Happy one last time, but Happy still won't break. Happy's dog keeps barking, so Angel points his gun at him. Happy screams out for Angel to stop and informs them that his dog is just hungry. The brothers realize that they've found Happy's Achilles heel, and threaten to kill the dog if he doesn't talk. Happy finally agrees to give them the information they need. 

In the Bronco headed toward Mexico to meet with Palomo, Adelita notices Miguel fidgeting with his wedding band. She asks him how he's dealing with everything that has happened, and he tells her that he is fine. Adelita quizzes him on Emily's feelings about everything, and he replies that she is doing fine as well. Adelita doesn't buy it and tells him that every time he crosses the border, Emily loses a piece of him. He states that Emily can handle it, but Adelita wonders if she should talk to her. Miguel disagrees, and Adelita apologizes for the intrusion. 

The mercs check their tracking device and realize that the Bronco is moving. 

Angel gives food and water to Happy's dog while EZ retrieves the files on Marisol and Felipe. Happy explains that he was supposed to kill both of them, but he messed up. He received the assignment from Packer, who is the president of the San Bernadino charter of Sons of Anarchy. Since San Bernadino is the closest charter to the border, Happy assumed the instructions came from one of the cartels in Mexico. He tells the brothers that Packer may have more information, but he won't have a name because that's not how it works. 

They ask Happy for the specific details surrounding Marisol's death. Happy explains how he killed her, and shares that he believes she knew it was coming because she wasn't surprised. He explains that he didn't feel safe riding Nomad anymore, so he went to Charming and became a member of SAMCRO. Happy tells EZ and Angel that if someone had killed his mother that he would kill them too. 

Felipe meets a waiting Dita on the roof of her doctor's office building. She shares with him that her family is worried that she will hurt herself because she didn't try to escape the fire. Dita believes that she is still here because of her unfinished business. Dita informs Felipe that he is Miguel's father. A shocked Felipe asks Dita if anyone else knows; she reveals that no one does, and she intends to keep it that way. 

Bishop, Packer, and the other club members arrive at the gym where the Swoleboys hangout. Bishop questions the president about their vendetta against the M.C. The president lets him know that two of the Mayans rode through the week before and started trouble. One of the Swoleboys says that the two guys aren't present leading Bishop to realize that the two guys were Angel and EZ. 

Bishop motions for Riz to come and point out the guy that wrecked him, but Riz doesn't know which one he is. Riz shoots a random Swoleboy in the leg as retribution for wrecking him. Packer lets the Swoleboys president know that he will be back soon to give them a lesson on how things are supposed to work. Bishop orders Coco to find Angel.

Miguel and Adelita arrive in Mexico to meet Palomo. They are alerted that the mercs are coming and Adelita makes a split-second decision to sacrifice herself. She takes a gun from one of Miguel's men and advises them to warm Palomo before heading inside a store. Hobart and his men arrive to find Adelita shooting from inside the store, and Miguel pretends that they tracked her there as well. Alvarez leads her out of the store, and Hobart takes her into custody. She spits in Hobart's face and berates Miguel; calling him the devil. Hobart says to call Potter to let him know that she has been captured. Once they leave, a frustrated Miguel pounds his fist against the wall. 

Angel and EZ try to figure out what to do with Happy. They realize that what Happy did was business, but their retaliation was personal and could get them in big trouble. Hallorann shows up since he can't reach Happy and finds him sitting with his dog on the couch. Happy tells him that he had an accident, and EZ and Angel saved his life. Before the brothers leave, Happy tells them that he will try to get information from Packer, but after it's over they're done with each other. 

Emily picks Dita up from her appointment, and Dita tells her that she thinks it went well. Emily is happy, but then she notices Felipe's truck parked on the road near the doctor's office, and she knows something is amiss. 

Back at the mayor's office, one of Eliana's associates takes photographs of Emily's proposal for the agricultural park. 

Emily sneaks into Dita's room and finds the hidden photo of Felipe. 





Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

EZ: You know who we are? Nothing?
Happy: I don't need to know who you are.
Angel: Why is that?
Happy: Because when this is over either I'm dead, or you're dead.

EZ: It wasn't my place to tell you. Dad knew I saw it. I finally asked him about it.
Angel: He said nothing.
EZ: Yeah. Everything that's gone down between us Angel, even if I could've.
Angel: You should've told me. He should've told me.
EZ: Pop?
Angel: Yeah, he never trusted me with anything, mom neither.
EZ: Come on, man. That's not fair.
Angel: Fair! You have no fucking idea. Fair? Every time I walked into a room for as long as I can remember, Mom and Pop, there'd be this slight letdown. You know, disappointment cause it was me instead of you. Oh man, saying it out loud sounds fucking pathetic, but you live with that for twenty years or more.
EZ: I'm sorry.
Angel: It ain't your fault, but sometimes man I fucking hated you, just the sight of you. It'd be a reminder that I'm some kind of fucking you know, some kind of idiot, a fucking mistake.
EZ: Angel, nobody ever thought that.
Happy: Poor little Angel, nobody loved him.