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The Mayans are prepping their biggest mission to date.

EZ is worried about how the job will go, but Bishop accelerates the plans when he realizes the net is closing in and he wants something to take his mind off what is going on.

When the mission begins, Bishop is telling Vicki that he is taking the product over that night and she declines, but they go ahead with it.

The police show up and they use one of the prospects to derail the police's plan.

In the end, they hide the product back in the tunnel and rush away from the scene of the crime.

Angel wakes up and realizes Ableita is in his house, but what does she want?

Meanwhile, Gaby gets closer to Felipe and he tells her about EZ practicing medicine.

Elsewhere, things take a turn for Erin and Emily when Erin realizes Emily hasn't had sex with Miguel.

Miguel declines when she tries.

When they go out the house to get ice cream, they are verbally assaulted by some dude who doesn't like the state of the town.



Mayans M.C.
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Mayans M.C. Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Mayan: Will you give them up?
Coco: Will you give the tacos up?
Mayan: Fuck no.

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She's a keeper.