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Fiji is sleeping when the demon starts calling her name. She has a dream that she's in the middle of the street with a messenger from Kokuno.

Manfred talks with Joe about the veil and what happened the first time. Fiji sets the demon on fire.

Creek, Manfred and Bobo are talking about the demon with Fiji, but Fiji is lying.

Lem leeched Fiji's pain. The men talk about Fiji and Kokonar.

Fiji has a flashback of arriving in Midnight 10 years ago. Mr. Snuggly is alive. Great. She stays with her Aunt Mildred. They talk about Fiji's rage blackouts. Mildred starts talking about her abilities and how she thinks Fiji has those abilities too. She tells Fiji she's a witch and that she's one too.

Joe is reading journals with Manfred. He's trying to figure out what his role is and how to do bridge the living and the dead. Manfred wants to dig up the body of the last guy who tried to save the world. A sandstorm is coming and Manfred tells Creek to evacuate the restaurant and herself because of the danger. The sandstorm is the veil breaking.

Manfred, Joe and the Rev go into the cellar and start digging. Creek leaves town but is caught in the sandstorm. Her car won't start so she gets out, pops the hood and tries to work on it.

Olivia talks with Bobo at Fiji's place. They're there to protect her from the demon. Fiji tries to push Bobo away, but Bobo isn't going anywhere.

Fiji has another flashback when she sees a trunk. It's filled dark magic. Mildred is showing her how to make potions and change nature. Fiji is failing at it.

The demon from earlier is outside and Bobo goes after it. Back in the cellar the guys find nothing in the grave. The bone are gone. They hear noise and go outside and find evil spirits coming through the sandstorm. They run for shelter at Fiji's place.

Fiji is tending to Bobo who was shot. Manfred tells everyone they need to leave in order to come up with a plan. Olivia isn't too happy.

Creek gets her car started and heads back towards Midnight.

Fiji is looking for Mr. Snuggly and has a flashback. She runs into a guy named Jeremy who I think is Bobo. She loved Bob from the very beginning. He tells her he knows about Mildred being a witch. 

Olivia takes Lem to safety. Everybody is trying to leave but Fiji doesn't want to go because of Mr. Snuggly. Manfred goes back and finds him and puts him in a carrier. Creek pulls up and he gets in the car.

Everyone is out of Midnight and safe. Bobo talks to Fiji who still isn't saying what's really on her mind. She has another flashback. She shares her checkered past with Jeremy. Mildred calls her out later for making out with Jeremy. 

The sandstorm is following Creek and The Rev and they all pull over to someplace without windows. Fiji has her dark magic barrel. She says the storm is following her and she still won't share.

She tells them that she's a powerful virgin witch which is why Kokonar wants her. She runs off.

Flashback to Fiji with Jeremy. They're about to have sex when Jeremy starts burning up. Mildred comes into the house and finds the scene.There's nothing they can do. Jeremy is gone.

Olivia and Lem talk. Olivia tells him she loves him but she's going to leave Midnight as soon as Fiji is safe.

Manfred and Fiji talk about black magic and an ancient curse. They need to take a life. The Rev offers himself when Mr. Snuggly comes out and tells them to take him. He tells Fiji he's never liked her. So they are going to sacrifice the cat. The spell doesn't kill the cat. Instead it takes Manfred.

Manfred is greeted by death. Manfred asks how to close the veil.

Fiji goes outside to the demon waiting for her.  The demon ends up being Jeremy. Kokonar sent him because he knew she'd listen to him. He insists she leave to go to Kokonar. He'll spare the others if she goes. if she doesn't, they'll all die.

The team is devastated by the loss of Manfred when Manfred comes back to life. He got answers to how to beat the veil. They look for Fiji and can't find her. She's gone with Jeremy.



Midnight, Texas
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Midnight, Texas Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

You're complicating it. You love her. Be with her.

The Rev

When you're a witch, you can change the natural.

Aunt Mildred