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Joss announces her engagement. She and Scott talk future finances and children after Joss feels her independence threatened when he buys her a Tesla for their engagement. 

Harry, devastated that Joss is getting married, has sex with Greta, his ex-super-model new boss.

April finds out that Daniel was working undercover when he slept with her. He swears he still loves her but she shows him the door. However the FBI tell her she needs to help them find Paul or end up in jail for fraud. Paul sends her a secret package with a cell phone to reach him inside.

Savi and Dom set up Toni and record her incriminating herself in the sexual harassment scam. Dom decides to let Toni keep her job and gives her a second chance. Savi makes a date with Zack.

Karen helps Anna reconnect with her family in Korea. Jacob gets a job in Boston and asks Karen to come with him. She turns him down and decides to quit being a psychiatrist. 

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Savi, why are you wearing the depressed pony tail hair? What were you two just talking about?


Joss: He bought me a Tesla?
April: I think we have different definitions of the word problem.