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Savi goes on an awkward date with Zack. He later scares her during a high speed motorcycle ride. Afterwards she tells him she's had a moment of clarity.

When April realizes that the FBI is going to arrest Paul, not protect him, she gives Paul a heads up and ends being arrested herself. She calls Dom to represent her.

Ben shows up at Karen's door to tell her he's been diagnosed with HIV. Karen goes to get tested.

Harry grows more moody and eventually lashes out at Joss, telling her that her marriage to Scott is never going to happen. Hurt and angry, Joss tells him that she now sees the mean side of Harry that Savi always told her about. The side of Harry that helped end his marriage.

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Savi: He was trying to teach me how to do that pop up thing. I never actually popped up.
Joss: I bet he did.

Stop right there before i Jezebel your ass. You my friend are a grown woman and if the Universe is going to punish you then the Universe is a sexist pig.