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Zack Kilmer, the other victim in Savi's car accident shows up at her door looking to make a connection and is upset when Savi seems so together. Savi breaks down and talks about mourning the loss of her unborn child.

Dom asks Savi to make their relationship public at work and they both tell HR. Later Dom admits to Savi that Toni hit on him. 

Karen learns that her patient works as a high-end escort. Feeling lonely and lost, Karen decides to try it herself.

Joss and Harry attend a charity event to drum up business for their new venture. Harry decides to break up with Kira. Kira sets up Joss on a blind date but fails to tell her. 

Joss and Scott hit it off. When she mentions him looking like a Labradoodle, he sends her a puppy the next day. 

Daniel meets with April's friends but gets upset when she doesn't want to talk about her past. Later she tells him that she was previously married and they make up. Later, Daniel receives a mysterious phone call from someone named Jessica. 

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Your food is great and all that jazz but truly, this. This face is what all the ladies what and half the gentleman.


Three words. Free Botox.