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Savi and Zack get closer. Joss worries when Savi comes home with a tattoo and finds out she's failed to mention Zack to Dom.

Toni complains about Dom and Savi to the board. Savi is taken off of Dom's cases. Savi doesn't seem to care but Dom is furious and confronts Toni. 

Joss goes out with Scott but the sex isn't steamy. Scott admits he wasn't into it because it was missing something. He likes his partner to wear something from his extensive collection of expensive high heels. 

April admits she's in love with Daniel and introduces him to Lucy. Karen thinks she sees him when Daniel says he's' in Vermont. He lies to April when he's actually in a car with another woman.

Karen continues to pretend to be someone else while hanging out in hotel bars. Eventually she accepts someone's key and heads upstairs. 

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Mistresses Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Deep down you know this can’t end well. Which is probably why you’re telling me about this now, so I can tell you to stop.


Savi: I am such a badass.
Zack: Not if you say it.