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Joss and Harry continue making out on the beach, until a phone call from Karen interrupts them. Karen tells Joss that Scott's grandma has had a stroke and Joss races to Scott's side.

Meanwhile, April is looking for Lucy and eventually finds her on the beach. Lucy is furious with her mother for lying about her fathers death and leaves the beach unwilling to forgive her.

Karen gets a phone call from her doctor telling her that she is HIV negative, but he'd still like to meet with her.

April seeks Karen's advice with regards to Lucy and she tells her to be honest. Joss then comes over and the three of them discuss Savi's absence. Joss texts her sister and Savi tells her that they are no longer sisters. Joss then tells the girls about her fling with Harry.

April tells Lucy everything about her father, but Lucy is still unwilling to forgive her. After asking to live with her grandmother, April invites Miranda and Scotty over so Lucy can get to know her brother. After dinner, Miranda tells April she has a job on a cruise and Scotty will be staying with her brother Mark on an RV. Lucy insists the two stay in LA and they agree.

Karen meets with her doctor who tells her that she is well, but she has a very rare blood type that may be a match for a dying woman that happens to be his wife. After meeting his wife, Karen feels a kinship with her and believes her purpose is to help her.

Searching for Savi, Joss first goes to Dom who hasn't heard from her, but knows she quit her job. She then tells Harry that Savi knows and he cares more about her telling Scott. He also tells her that she needs to make a decision, right before she finds out that Scott's grandmother has passed away.

Soon after, Joss tells Scott the truth about where she was during the wedding and he tells her to move out. She goes to stay with Karen, who tells her that Savi was still in love with Harry.

Joss sets off to find Savi and finds Zack driving her car. He tells her he took Savi to the airport but he has no idea where she went.

Scott goes to see Harry and beats him up. Joss shows up afterwards and tells Harry that even though she loves him, they can't start their relationship like this.

Calista Raines shows up at a hotel, pleading with the front desk worker to give her the room number her husband is in so she can catch him cheating.

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

April: The truth shall set you free.
Joss: Says who?
April: You know, God.

Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie.

Lucy [to April]