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While trying to find a parking space, Joss is cut off by Calista. After trying to track Savi down through her travel agent, Joss realizes her car has been towed and Calista offers to take her to get her car.

Calista explains that she is tracking her husband in hopes that she will get a picture if him that she can use in the divorce so he won't get half her earnings.

In the meantime, Savi sends Karen and April a postcard from Italy informing them that she is alive and well and not to tell Joss where she is. 

Later, Calista calls Joss and has Joss go into the restaurant to snap a picture of her husband and his mistress, but Joss gets distracted by a phone call from Italy letting her know Savi has checked out on her hotel there. 

Harry meets Ellis, the new majority owner of Wunderbar and the two do not get along. After Ellis fires most of his staff, Harry doesn't show up for work. He later does decide to go into work and charms the VIP's Ellis is entertaining. His charm allows him to get the leverage on Ellis to get his staff hired back. 

April and Mark clash over Mark's parenting skills after she learns that Scotty got in trouble at school for biting another child. Eventually April decides to invite Mark and Scotty to live with her temporarily and help them out. 

Karen continues going to church and later after talking with Vivian, reveals to April that she is scared that she will fall out of the group with Savi gone. Both April and Joss reassure her this will never happen, as they accompany her to church.

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

You know what, you're not fooling anyone with your spray tan and your range rover, by the way. You may look happy, but you're dead inside. Dead inside!

Joss [to Calista]

Calista: Hm, I've always wanted a sister. Must be hard to lose one.
Joss: Thank you for saying that. And only that.