Mistresses Season Premiere Review: Where In The World Is Savi?

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You are no longer my sister. 

That was more than just a gut punch, it was full on knockout! After the events of last season's finale, it was obviously just a matter of time before Savi found out about Joss and Harry, but it was still heartbreaking to see that text.

When the news broke that Alyssa Milano was no longer going to be on the show, I was really worried about how things would continue. She was the headliner and the person with the strongest connection to all the other characters. I tried to imagine what it would have been like if Carrie Bradshaw left the girl in the city and those were not happy thoughts.

Well, Mistresses Season 3 Episode 1 and Mistresses Season 3 Episode 2 proved to me that this show still has a lot of stories left to tell, with or without its lead. 

Calista Raines - Mistresses Season 3 Episode 1

You can't start talking about Mistresses and not begin with the Joss/Harry/Savi love triangle. It dominated Mistresses Season 2, and even with Savi gone, it's still going to be a heavy issue this year.  

Last we saw Joss, she was tangled up in Harry's Australian arms and that's exactly where we found her tonight. They were still kissing (and about to do more) when Karen called to tell Joss Scott's grandmother had a stroke. Holy bad timing. 

Joss had to be with Scott, obviously, but I got a little worried that this was going to stop Joss from breaking things off with him and we were going to have to endure multiple episodes of her continuing to pretend like she was in love with him. I, for one, would not have liked that one bit. 

I'm not sure where fans lie on the Joss/Harry bandwagon, but I'm going to stand up and say I think it makes sense. If you would have told me back in Mistresses Season 1 that this was a possibility, I would have hated it. But watching them fall in love last year was a revelation that love doesn't make sense all the time and can be very, very messy. 

I truly believe their love is real and powerful, it's just an obvious shame they truly hurt people in the end. 

Listen to me. I love you. I have loved you for so long. I don't even know when it started, but I know that it's real. And I know that I want to be with you, but not right now. Not like this. Okay?

Joss [to Harry]

This was my favorite moment of the premiere, and I hope that Harry is able to respect her wishes and give her space to breath. Even though I think Joss and Harry are meant to be, I've never really been a Harry fan. He can abrasive and a grade A jerk sometimes, but he does love Joss, and call me crazy, but I want to see what they could be like together. 

Side note, I loved how the show was able to get Dom, Scott and Zack back for the premiere, knowing that those three characters are most likely done with the show. It was a nice way to wrap up all the Savi storylines, and it was a subtle thing I appreciated. 

Now onto Karen, who found out she is HIV negative. I never really expected she would be positive, and I didn't think the show would give her another illness or a pregnancy, either. I figured she would get another bonkers storyline like she gets every year. 

Well, so far I wouldn't exactly call her story bonkers. Since she's been going to church and doing some soul-searching, she seems really at peace with her decision to give blood to Vivian. But since this is Karen, things will inevitably go south somewhere.

So what do we think guys? How will Karen's arc go off the rails?

Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie.

Lucy [to April]

Oh, Lucy, Lucy, Lucy. While I understood where she was coming from, I couldn't help but really feel badly for April. In the end, she always had Lucy's best interest at heart.

It doesn't really look like Lucy is going to be forgiving her Mom anytime soon, although having Scotty and Mark move in definitely gave April some brownie points!

Since this is Mistresses, you have to believe that April and Mark are going to go there at some point. If an attractive guy is on this show, he will eventually get with one of the main girls. I'm pretty sure that's a mandate. 

Last, and certainly not least, lets talk about Calista Raines. 

They really didn't have to replace Alyssa Milano, if you ask me, but they did and we got Jennifer Esposito. And boy does she makes quite the first impression. She's very bold, very funny and very strong. I think that's another mandate for this show.

I liked her, and I'm so curious to hear what everyone else thought about her. She had a great rapport with Joss, and I loved the twist on her storyline. She's the breadwinner, and she doesn't want to lose her money in the divorce. How often do you see that on TV?

How she's going to get initiated into the group is anyones guess. But she better stay away from Harry! I want her to be BFF's with Joss, not enemies. 

Final Thoughts

  • Eureka! Not only did we get Nathan Stark as Karen's doctor, we also got Deputy Andy as the new owner of Wunderbar! I still miss you Eureka...
  • Is there another show that flies by faster than this one?
  • Joss is still the best/worst dresser on TV. I can find one thing I love and hate in every episode.

Alright folks, it should be another fun summer and I'll be with you every step of the way. Tell me what you guys thought about the double sized premiere. How do you think the show handled Savi's departure? Are you ready to see Joss and Harry become a couple? Will Lucy ever forgive April? 

Drop me a comment and let's get talking! And remember to watch Mistresses online so you can catch up on everything! 

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Mistresses Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

April: The truth shall set you free.
Joss: Says who?
April: You know, God.

Why would I talk about anything to you? You lie.

Lucy [to April]