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April deals with the aftermath of Michael kissing her and the ramifications that has on her relationship with Marc. Marc doesn't take this revelation too lightly, especially after he hears it from Michael INSTEAD of April, when he went there to get April's job back, after she was "fired."

This causes issues for the couple, who were already dealing with issues, and Michael's continued persistence in April reveals a shocking confession: Michael is transgender.

His transition caused the split between him and his wife, who couldn't handle it.

Barbara lands Karen a spot on a popular podcast, where she is bombarded and thrown off-guard by the host, who attacks her for the book she's written, and what it means for women.

After the embarrassing time, he offers her another spot, but she's hesitant to take advantage of it.

Kate catches April's employee having sex in a married man in the storage room, which sets her off on a bender about Brian cheating on her and the struggles of being a single woman.

Meanwhile, Joss tries to land a gig as the publicist for Harry's new kitchen, which doesn't go over as easily with him as she anticipated, because he's worried about them working together.

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Mistresses Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm with Joss. Honesty is always the best policy.


You're a sex therapist, Karen. Get on board of that party train!