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With Luke's bithday falling so close to Thanksgiving, it's normally forgotton each year.  So this year, Phil and Claire decide to throw him a huge party.  Phil gets a bounce house, rock wall, zip line, and crazy reptiles;  Claire sets up an arts and craft station for the kids; Cameron dresses as a clown named Fizbo; and Jay gives Luke a crossbow for a present.  We find out at the beginning of this episode, some how this all sets off a chain reaction that puts Luke in the hospital.

When Haley sees Dylan flirting with the reptile chick, Jungle Tanya (Margo Harshman) and she's being egged on by Alex, she sets a scorpion free.  The scorpion scares Fizbo who runs by Phil, who's scared of clowns and sends him into Jay, who accidentally fires off the crossbow hitting the bounce house and deflating.  Yet, admist all the chaos, it's ironically the beads from Claire's seemingly safe arts and craft table, that got knocked over by Fizbo, that trip Luke, causing him to break his wirst.  However, the whole family comes to the hospital and Luke is just so happy to have everyone together and to have a cool cast he declares it the best bithday ever.

Oh and Manny spends the episode trying to impress a girl and does so when she gets trapped in the bounce house and he ziplines in and saves her.

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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Sorry I fell asleep while you were describing the most boring party ever.


Phil [about Luke]: He's one of those kids you get him a gift and all he wants to do is play with the box.
Claire: One year we just got him a box, a really nice box
Phil: And we made the mistake of putting it in a gift bag.
Claire: So he played with the gift bag.
Phil: We can't get it right.