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It's Claire and Phil's anniversary and he surprises her with a kaleidoscope of the memories, a braclet, flowers and balloons.  Claire?  She gets him coupons good for free hugs.  She decides to step up her game and gets him a suprise by getting him Izzy LaFontaine (Edward Norton) of Spandau Ballet to give him a private concert.  She believes their song, True, is the couples song.  Eventually Izzy exposes Phil as a non-fan, despite his desperate attempts to fake it to not let Claire down. Phil tells her their song was actually If You Leave by OMD, but that the gift is still awesome because she gave them a new song.  Inspired, Izzy plays a horrible bass-only rendition of "True."

When Mitchell and Cameronfind themselves only talking about baby stuff, they decide they need an adult night out so they call their best friend Sal (Elizabeth Banks) and drop Lily off with her grandparents.  While out, Sal talks about how they need to hang out more and how she wants to kill Lily.  The guys get a little freaked out, but when they take a passed out Sal home and she sees how cute Lily is, she understands why she lost her friends to Lily.

Meanwhile, all the kids come over to grandpa's for a P-Jay party with sloppy Jays and a western movie.  Alex tricks Luke into thinking Jay is dying so he spends the whole slumber party hugging his grandpa.  Meanwhile, Haley has a party she wants to go to with Dillon and keeps trying to sneak out, only to be caught by Jay.  When Gloria convinces Jay he has to let her go, Jay heads outside, grabs Dillon and invites him in.  Once Dillon finds out there's sloppy Joes and one of his favorite Western movies, he wants to stay.  Oh and Manny was totally crushing on Haley and being creepy the whole time.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Show me some pictures of Yoko... cause she's asian and she broke up our group.

Sal [about Lily]

Mitchell: She's always had a dark sense of humor
Cameron: Do you remember when she went as Sigfried and part of Roy for Halloween?
Mitchell: Too soon