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Modern Family returned from its hiatus with a great episode that focused on three hilarious situations.

FIRST, Phil came down with kidney stones. He tried to fight off the pain, but eventually the family was forced to call 911. This made his daughters and his wife happy because it meant the hot firemen in town would be coming by. Claire even got dressed up for the occasion, a fact Phil noticed and called her out on.

At the hospital, as his kids remained relatively calm because they knew their dad would be okay, Phil continued to guilt trip Claire about donning a tight top for the aforementioned, heroic studs. She finally admitted that she did so and Phil planned on using this information for a major favor down the line (like a talking, feeling robot in 20 years as a present) - but blew the chance to hold it over his wife's head when the couple came across a family of busty females in the hospital hallway that Phil had been entertaining during his stay. Oops!

SECOND, Cam and Mitchell clashed over Lily's sleeping habits. The later wanted to let her cry herself to sleep, but Cameron just couldn't stand this idea. We saw hilarious shots of Cam himself bawling as his daughter cried in the next room. At one point, when Cam tried to go in and take care of Lily, Mitchell jumped on his back in a funny attempt to slow down his much larger boyfriend. It failed. Mitchell fell and sprained his ankle.

But this did all lead to a sweet moment when the pair agreed both would eventually walk Lily down the aisle - and when they decided to call the hot firemen to help take Mitchell to the hospital.

THIRD, Benjamin Bratt guest-starred as Manny's father. He was confronted by Jay, who stood up for his step-son and called Javier out on all the times he had stood up Manny. Javier blamed this partly on his passion for living in the moment... and on fearing Jay a little bit. But Gloria's ex and her current love ended up bonding over baseball, as Javier surprised Jay and Manny with a late-night trip to a stadium.

Jay was clearly falling under Javier's spontaneous spell, only to see the other side of it the next day: after being promised that Javier would take him out with a few of his famous baseball-playing friends, Jat stod on the driveway waiting... and waiting... and waiting, just like Manny had done so many times before. But Javier never showed and Gloria and Manny comforted Jay by walking him back inside. It was a nice way to conclude a hilarious episode.

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