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This week's episode of Modern Family featured one of our favorite subplots of the season and one of our least favorite. We'll start with the good:

How funny was the Jay/Gloria/Barkley storyline?!? After winning some money in Vegas, Jay treated himself to a present: a fake dog, dressed as a butler. There was just one problem: Gloria was scared of the mannequin. She referred to it as the "devil."

This led to the sad, sudden departure of Barkley, as Jay bid his pal goodbye and handed him over to Mitchell and Cameron (who ended the episode by driving him far away from their house, as well) because he wanted Gloria to be happy. We understand the desire to satisfy your gorgeous Latino wife, Jay... but come on! Barkley was the man/dog!

On the flip side, the Cameron/Mitchell storyline didn't do much for us. Cameron got involved in the life of the couple's gardener, who was crying over having cold feet on his wedding day. Cam ended up organizing the wedding at he and Mitchell's house, while Mitchell complained that Cameron was basically too nice and put the needs of other people's over his boyfriends. Not many funny lines in this plot, and a bit of a stretch to think Mitchell would actually take issue with this side of Cam.

The Phil storyline fell somewhere in between. We've seen him afraid to confront Claire on numerous occasions, but this tossed in the twist of a topless woman (photo). Claire found it on the computer and Phil didn't admit it was sent to him in a forward (by co-worker Gil Thorpe, in case you were wondering).

As usual, Phil was eventually outed as the culprit and Claire admitted she didn't care. Fortunately, Ty Burrell makes every scene he's in work so well that we don't care much that most storylines in the Dunphy household are pretty similar to one another.

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This is not art. This is an unholy mix between man and beast.


That was hardly porn. It was a topless woman on a tractor. You know what they call that in Europe? A cereal commercial.