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Cam, Mitch, Lily, and Rex get ready to leave for Missouri. 

A string of natural disasters delays their flight.

The family plays charades and throw a birthday party for Dylan in the meantime. When the flight gets delayed even further, they agree to regroup at night. 

Mitch and Claire decide to steal back their skating trophy from the rink their mom donated it to. They perform their skating routine afterwards.

Haley and Alex decide to mess with Luke one last time. They trick him into recreating a home video from when they were children, where he played a dog. 

Cam writes Gloria a goodbye poem, and she gets emotional. But she's more sad about Manny leaving to travel the country than him moving to Missouri.

Jay's been learning Spanish in his spare time. He decides to accompany Gloria and Joe to Colombia in the summer.

Gloria writes Manny a goodbye poem. 

Haley, Alex, and Luke move out. 

Phil and Claire decide to take an RV trip once the kids leave. 

The family takes one final picture together.

Haley, Dylan, and the twins move into Cam and Mitch's old home.

Claire and Phil leave their porch light on for their kids to come home.


Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 11 Episode 18 Quotes

Cam: Don't hate me for your son leaving.
Jay: You're both my sons.

Cam: I want you to read this, but not until after I leave.
Gloria: It's going to make me cry isn't it, you beautiful cornfed son-of-a-bitch.