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Two of this week's three storylines were centered on the school dance. Jay and Phil ended up taking their sons to the mall for outfits, which led to some awkward father-in-law/son-in-law moments.

Jay took issue with how passive Phil acted in the face of others, which caused Phil to storm away and take out his own frustrations on a cologne-spraying employee who sprayed his cologne too aggressively.

When Jay came to rescue Phil from mall security, he apologized and even admitted he wondering if Phil's attitude was better because he seemed to happy all the time.

Meanwhile, Claire clashed with Gloria during the organization of the dance, as the former felt the latter was stealing her spotlight with the other moms. But we later learned why: it was because Gloria felt like she had to prove herself as more than just a set of giant boobs.

In the third storyline, Mitchell and Cam dealt with the fact that Lily was biting people. They blamed each other for passing on this habit, but accepted it as a temporary part of their daughter by the end of the episode.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Jay: Flag on the play.
Manny: What does that mean?!?

Oh, the smiley face makes it okay! 'I waterboarded our toddler, LOL!'