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James Marsden guest-starred on this episode, playing a creepy, handsome guy who showed up in Mitchell and Cam's hot tub. The men bonded with him, mostly due to his good looks, only to later learn the truth:

He was a homeless drifter who was living in Lily's dollhouse! Cam eventually had to fight him to get him to leave, with Mitchell calling 911.


- Jay taught Manny how to ride a a bike, but failed in a similar attempt with Gloria. Fortunately, Luke was around to step in and teach her how to stay on two wheels. It helped that he shot her with a water gun to pressure her into the act.

- Claire hung up signs around the neighborhood in order to deter a woman who sped around in her car. But Phil was stuck: the woman was someone who hired him to sell her house, and he really needed the sale to be named Salesman of the Quarter.

He tried to juggle his wife and his client, keeping each in the dark about the identity of the other. But it naturally blew up in his face. Our favorite father isn't worried, though. He ended the episode by telling us he got Claire a dozen balloons, so no way she can stay mad at him!

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Phil: She has to run everyday or she goes crazy, she's like a Border Collie.
Claire: Did you just compare me to a dog?!?
Phil: The smartest in the world!

Cam: There's a stranger in our hot tub.
Mitchell: Who is it?
Cam: You do know what stranger means, don't you?