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Claire and Mitchell made a deal this week: they would do the other one's dirty work.

As a result, Claire told Cam that he really couldn't pull off bicycle shorts, news that broke the jolly man's heart. However, Mitchell couldn't bring himself to tell Phil that he wasn't funny and, therefore, shouldn't tell jokes at a realtor's event he was hosting.

Eventually, both these issues played out in favor of the couples, though. Cam learned that Mitchell put Claire up to this task and was initially hurt. But when he then saw that Mitchell was willing to shave off his beard in order to make Cam happy, he realized what a lucky man he was and came to almost appreciate Mitchell's (late) honesty.

Claire, conversely, resorted to the dirty tactic of hiding Phil's note cards immediately before he took the stage. But our favorite TV father made everyone laugh anyway and then came home to tell Claire he knew what she did - but he didn't mind because he liked how she feels a need to protect the family. The episode ended with her doing this job once again because Alex was sad over having "no friends." Throughout the half hour, we had watched as Haley tried to give her lessons on how to get in well with the popular girls, but Alex blew it.

Finally, we come to Jay and Gloria. Their storyline was simple and funny enough: The latter convinced the former they had to attend a birthday party for the daughter of Jay's co-worker. Jay then set out to prove that he knew his underlings well, but the couple ended up attending an engagement party by accident. Due to Jay's lack of Spanish and lack of truly knowing who worked under him, the poor guy never even realized the hilarious mistake.

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Modern Family Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

We fall a lot. Maybe you can be there to pick us up when we do.


Do I know McKenzie? I was McKenzie. I invented McKenzie.