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Haley tries to convince Alex to to take advantage of senior ditch day. Phil takes matters into his own hands, getting all the kids into the car and tricking Alex into going on a trip.

Meanwhile, Claire receives another job offer, and Jay seems to think she should take it.

Manny has had his wisdom teeth out, and Gloria worries about Manny's new girlfriend.

Phil and the kids pass by an old movie theater that Phil once built, and now it appears to be shut down.

Manny doesn't remember his girlfriend coming to visit, and Gloria tries to keep him from realizing she was there.

Phil wants to pull up a piece of cement that had footprints from the kids, and Alex and Haley argue.

Mitchell worries about Lily's lack of empathy and whether or not it's his fault. Then he realizes it may be Cam's overly emotional ways that may be causes her lack of empathy.

Manny realizes his girlfriend had been there after all, then realizes she is just like his mother.

Haley worries that Alex won't call her while she's away at college, and the two sisters make up. Lily also finally shows some emotion over her fathers' health.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 23 Quotes

Mitchell: Oh my gosh, you cut yourself.
Lily: Don't get blood in my eggs.

I wanna kiss you, but I have surgery breath.