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Alex has just graduated, and the family gathers to celebrate. Since Phil couldn't be there, he Skyped in instead, and thanks to Claire holding up her phone, he was able to see the whole thing live. Now, he's also set up as a robot to be able to feel like he's a party of the party.

Phil also tells Cam and Mitchell that they've gotten the apartment they wanted, but Mitchell secretly asks Phil to kill the deal because he hasn't yet told Cam that he was laid off from his job. Instead, he's been playing checkers in the park every day.

Andy's boyfriend is also at the party with his girlfriend, Beth. Though she seems night on the outside, she makes not-so-subtle threats to Haley.

Cam can tell something is up with Mitchell, and finally looks at texts on Mitchell's phone, wondering who Spencer is.

Claire tries to come up with the perfect gift for Alex, but everyone else seems to be giving her better gifts. She finally decides to go with Phil's song idea, but then Gloria gives a toast first.

Cam confronts Mitchell, thinking that he's having an affair. Mitchell finally admits he lost his job. Cam suggests they can still buy the upstairs apartment.

Haley goes to Phil for advice, and he helps her realize she's in love with Andy. The sound goes out just as Phil yells at them that they love each other and Andy shouldn't propose to Beth.

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 24 Quotes

I just had to plug him in. It was a nice reversal from when I had to pull the plug on my dad in the hospital.


Manny: I think it's a bold step, and I support you in your journey of self improvement.
Gloria: No, you're not getting your hair straightened.