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-Mitchell gets a work offer from Jay's professional rival

-Cam tells Mitchell to talk to Jay before taking the job

-Dylan and Haley ask Phil if Dylan can move into the basement with Haley

-Phil tries to convince Claire to let Dylan move in

-Alex FaceTimes with Luke because she's worried that Sanjay's avoiding her

-Luke only listens because Alex's friend is changing in the background

-Luke calls Manny because he wants to visit Alex (really to see her friend)

-Manny is bummed because Carly the cheerleader didn't decorate his locker

-Mitchell and Jay fight about the job offer

-Phil walks in on Dylan and Haley in bed together

-Gloria starts to yell at Carly for not decorating Manny's locker

-Cam tells Gloria not to interfere

-Earl tries to fire Mitchell but instead they agree to turn over a new leaf

-Manny and Luke arrive at Alex's school and she realizes they're not there to visit her

-Claire gets home and Phil tells her he respects her and wants Dylan to leave

-Claire realizes Phil is uncomfortable with Dylan and is sick of being the bad guy so she allows Dylan to stay

-Mitchell goes to see Jay to ask him to stop the rivalry with Earl

-Earl uses a picture of himself and Mitchell as an ad that mocks Jay

-Gloria goes to school to decorate Manny's locker

-Turns out Cam decorated the locker

-Jay and Mitchell break into Earl's office

-Earl arrives just in time to prevent Jay from putting "his deal" on Earl's cigars

-Earl attacks Jay

-Manny and Luke are hanging out with college girls

-Luke goes to Alex's room to get gum

-Alex is sad because Sanjay broke up with her

-Luke tries to comfort Alex unsuccessfully

-Jay and Mitchell drive home

-Mitchell reveals that he stole Earl's Rolo-dex

-Phil snaps and tells Dylan he can't stay in the same room with Haley

-Claire kicks Dylan out

-Alex comes home to spend the night and freaks out finding Dylan in her bed

Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 3 Quotes

Lily: Where's the little leprechaun?
Cam: I think he's still getting dressed.

You're not working for the rolo-dex stealing Earl Chambers!