On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 2, the Dunphy family accompanies Alex to a college visit at Caltech, but Alex is hesitant because it is too close to home.

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Alex takes a college tour at Caltech on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 2. The whole family accompanies her, even though Haley wasn't really invited. Claire is pushing for Caltech because she knows that after college Alex will be far away from home following her dreams.

On the tour, Alex meets a cute and awkward, nerdy guy similar to herself. They hit it off and she realizes that maybe she shouldn't base a huge decision like college on the proximity to her family. Meanwhile Luke, Haley, and Phil venture off to partake in a science experiment. They think that the family breakthrough they are having are from a psych experiment, but it was all their imagination. Haley admits to feeling like a failure during the experiment scenes and Phil comforts her.

It's Jay and Gloria's anniversary. Jay makes Gloria a bunny sculpture in pottery class because it was his nickname for her when they first started dating. Gloria thinks a bracelet is in it and cracks it open. Manny teaches the two of them a lesson.

Mitchell and Cam are taking a new family photo because Lily is mad she's not in the current portrait. She keeps giving a huge, awkward smile in the new snapshots. They try and tell her, only to upset her. Claire tells Mitchell that he needs to try to be less controlling or he will only push his daughter away; a lesson Claire needs to learn for herself.

Episode Details

Jay and Gloria can't find the right gift to give each other on their anniversary while Claire tries to convince Alex to go to Caltech and stay close to home on Modern Family.

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (41 Votes)
Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

I think I could be a little less Ryan Gosling, and a little more everyman.


Claire: Check this out, a reflecting pond.
Alex: Great maybe you can see how crazy you’re being right now.