On Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3, the whole family fights a cold that they assume they caught from Mitchell. However, Phil soon learns that he was the culprit!

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Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3 to find out how the whole family fights an illness they thought they caught from Mitchell. Each family member goes through a different symptom, but Claire seems to catch them all just in time for her big client meeting. Rather than cancelling, she tries to tough it out because she wants to prove herself to Jay. However, she ends up blowing it.

Gloria tells Jay he puts too much pressure on his kids. Mitchell realizes he does the same thing to Lily when he being competitive with her new smart and talented friend. Manny admits that its actually Gloria who he feels the pressure from. She is always telling him he's so perfect and he's worried he won't measure up.

Cam makes the decision to bench Manny at the football game and Gloria ends up punishing him for it later.

Phil gets the wedding video for Phil and Manny and realizes during a screener that he was really the one who got everyone sick. He and Luke try to do some editing but in the end everyone else is too focused on their own embarassing moments and flaws.

Haley and Andy see each other for the first time since the wedding. They try and get over the awkwardness of the sexual tension that's there. Then Andy comments that Haley would've gotten emotional if they kissed and it throws her off.

Episode Details

Phil is putting together Cam and Mitch's wedding video but he must do some creative editing when the footage reveals a hidden secret on Modern Family.

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Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

It went to my ears on our flight home. I may have moaned a bit. A crying baby complained about me.


I never get sick. I must've caught some kind of chill on the beach when my socks got wet...My ankles burn.