Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Online to see how the Dunphy family handles being squished together in one motel room. Here's a hint: not well!

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Watch Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Online to see a Dunphy family bonding experiment gone wrong.

When the family realizes they have mold in their house, they must relocate to a motel for a few days until it is cleared out. Phil books everyone into one room thinking they can have special family time. Unfortunately it seems to drive everyone crazy instead.

The Nigerian family next door has noise sensitive dogs. The family is on top of each other. Luke accidentally sets off a whole bottle of body spray called "Sex Grenade." It's not long before Claire books herself into another room and the kids follow her.

Phil is depressed and ends up hanging with the divorced dads in the motel. When the kids see him playing Marco Polo with the Nigerian family they realize that Phil just wanted to bond and spend time together. They surpise him later with Claire by playing a game of Marco Polo in the pool.

Cam is excited and superstitious about the football team's final game. Mitchell realizes he needs to be more supportive. However, it ends up that Mitchell might ruin the team's winning streak. Cam thinks he could be the jinx!

Manny has an older girlfriend named Sam. She's a senior. Gloria is protective. Unfortunatley Manny's heart is broken when he finds out that she used him to get back at her ex. Jay comforts him.

Episode Details

When the Dunphys home is treated for mold they share a cramped hotel room which Phil looks at as a great time to bond but Claire and the kids disagree on Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4.

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Modern Family
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Modern Family Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Gloria: Manny's first girlfriend is a senior with a Mustang.
Jay: I'd have put my money on a sophomore with a mustache.

Claire: Haley I need the wifi corner get down.
Haley: Ugh! I need Instagram to know there's still beauty in the world!