In Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7, Thanksgiving is the last thing on the family's minds. Watch online to find out what happens when deception and miscommunication take over.

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Jay's Thanksgiving tradition is to invite everyone over for leftovers on Saturday. Manny reveals that he feels neglected because everyone fawns over Joe. Haley pretends to care about Phil's real estate business because she has been using the fancy hot-tub at Phil's most expensive listing. Phil is mad at Claire because she was incredibly harsh when she found Phil bathing with the ducklings. Gloria and Jay work together to take Claire and Mitchell's wallets. Haley returns to the hot-tub to retrieve her things, and realizes she left the water on so the tub is overflowing. Andy arrives to set up for the open house, and while Andy and Haley attempt to drain the tub, they both fall in fully clothed. Andy puts their clothes in the dryer, and they end up in bathrobes in an incredibly romantic setting. Just as Andy and Haley are about to kiss, they hear the door open and hide in the closet. Jay and Gloria reveal that they only stole the wallets to get Driver's License info, because they want to surprise the family by buying tickets to Florida. Cam and Mitchell criticize Claire and Phil's marriage due to their own insecurities. Cam and Mitchell decide to spend some time in Phil's listing, at it is apparent that Cam and Mitchell were the ones Haley and Andy hid from. As Cam and Mitchell settle in, they hear Phil come in and hide under the couch. Phil is at the listing to use virtual reality gaming gear, since Claire has been working more, Phil has become addicted to gaming. Back when everyone left Jay's, Phil mentions role-play to Claire, and she thinks he's talking about their romantic role-play. Manny decides that he'll use Joe to impress a girl. Manny's plan backfires when Joe bites the girl's leg. Luke arrives at Phil's listing with his friends and a six-pack of beer. Cam and Mitchell catch them, but then Phil starts shouting (Phil can't see them because he is so engrossed in gaming). Claire arrives in a skimpy medieval costume, only to find Cam and Mitchell, Luke and his friends, and Alex and Ruben. Everyone leaves, and Haley and Andy emerge, without getting caught. They decide they have no chemistry, and the house is what made them feel close to each other. Haley leaves, but runs back in to share a passionate kiss with Andy. Jay tells Gloria that he bought tickets to visit her family in Colombia, and she tells Jay that her whole family came to visit them.

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On Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7, Phil's latest listing attracts all sorts of attention from everyone in the family.

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Modern Family Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Manny: Does this feel like a short visit to you, or a long one?
Jay: The pregnant one brought a stroller.

Mitchell: How about a show to go with it?
Cam: Mitchell?
Mitchell: Who's Mitchell? I'm Magic Mitch. Welder by day, stripper by choice.