When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 7 online you'll see what happens when Bonnie tries to force Adam into getting some couple friends and find out the truth about why Marjorie is worried about money.

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When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 7 online, you'll see characters take some big strides in their relationships. Tammy wants to move out, and Christy is supportive especially since Tammy is rolling in dough from her work as a handyman. However, when push comes to shove Tammy isn't able to move out. It turns out Marjorie is being so tight with her wallet because she's worried her money is going to run out. After Victor's death, most of his savings are drained and Marjorie thinks that she might have to sell her house. Tammy says she'll stay and even invites Marjorie to raise her rent. Meanwhile, Bonnie is looking for couple friends for her and Adam. Adam isn't really into the idea and keeps blowing the couple friend dates that they've been on. When Bonnie vents to the group, Jill suggests they double date with her and Andy. When they have the date, Adam is really enamored by the tricked-out grill and really seems to like hanging out with Andy. Jill, however, has a problem with Adam's drinking and the type of drinking Andy does around Adam. Jill realizes that she wants a sober home and goes to Andy with her concerns. Andy says that he can just not drink and Jill is amazed that's an option for him.

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On Mom Season 7 Episode 7, Bonnie and Adam go on a double date with Jill and Andy, while Tammy recruits Christy to mediate a sensitive situation with Marjorie.

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Mom Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Seymour is a very vigorous 72.


Christy: Why are you so hung up on having couple friends?
Bonnie: It's what you do when you get married. You cultivate relationships with other couples. You go to movies together, you meet for sushi, you stay at their beach house. They had a beach house.
Christy: Really? Do they have any kids my age?