Marjorie and Christy in William-Sonoma - Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Marjorie and Jill are in William-Sonoma. Tammy wants to move out, but after Marjorie tells Christy some new information the plans change. Really fast.

Jill Does Yoga - Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Jill is doing yoga and Bonnie pays her a visit. Bonnie flat out accuses Jill of lying in front of buddha, and Bonnie is not wrong. There is something eating at Jill.

Bonnie Talks to Jill - Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Bonnie talks to Jill about what went wrong when they were having dinner. They have a heart to heart about how it's hard being with partners who are drinking while they're sober.

Bonnie Gives Adam a Look - Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Bonnie looks at Adam with a disappointed that their date with Andy and Jill didn't go well. Bonnie thinks it's Adam since he's the reason lots of their dates have been going down.

- Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Bonnie is really annoyed that Adam blew a couple's date and they struck out with some couple friends. Christy is on the couch trying to figure out why this is an issue.

Christy Sees a Mixer - Mom Season 7 Episode 7

Christy sees a mixer at William-Sonoma and Marjorie is looking off into the distance at the bright yellow mixer that has caught her friend's attention.

A Sensitive Situation - Mom

Tammy recruits Christy to mediate a sensitive situation with Marjorie on Mom. "Pork Butt and a Mall Walker" is the seventh episode of the show's seventh season.

Mom Season 7 Episode 7 Quotes

Seymour is a very vigorous 72.


Christy: Why are you so hung up on having couple friends?
Bonnie: It's what you do when you get married. You cultivate relationships with other couples. You go to movies together, you meet for sushi, you stay at their beach house. They had a beach house.
Christy: Really? Do they have any kids my age?