When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 6 you'll see what happens when Christy goes toe-to-toe with a barista. Meanwhile Bonnie and Adam find an old tape from Adam's time as a stunt man.

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When you watch Mom Season 7 Episode 6 online you'll see what happens when Bonnie and Adam start unpacking boxes of self-help books and find a bunch of VHS tapes. The VHS tapes are of Adam and his stuntman buddies messing around on set. Bonnie feels caught off-guard over the fact that Adam doesn't talk about that time in his life. She tries to get Adam to talk about it by employing techniques her therapist uses, but they don't work. Bonnie thinks that maybe Adam wishes that he could still walk so he could be with one of those women instead of her. Adam says that the accident made him realize what a jerk he was to women back then and that Adam wouldn't have deserved Bonnie, but this Adam does. Meanwhile, Christy faces with a barista to get Veronica's coffee order. She loses. When Veronica belittles her again, she gives Christy some advice about going to the gym but using more words which Christy doesn't get. When Veronica says Christy should go to the gym, Christy says she can't afford a gym to which Veronica says she'll give her a raise.

Episode Details

On Mom Season 7 Episode 6, Bonnie gets a glimpse of what Adam was like before his accident while Christy tries to embrace positivity after having a meltdown.

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Mom Season 7 Episode 6 Quotes

Christy: Oh, where's my phone? Where's my phone? Where's my phone?
Adam: In your hand. In your hand. In your hand.

Bonnie: You know you might want to tell your bride about all the self-help books you own before you get married.
Adam: It was a phase.
Bonnie: Did you ever find 'the child within'?
Adam: Yea, I married her.