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  • The siblings talk about how to get ahead of the news about Catt being their sister.
  • Albie apologizes to Tripp and Tripp tells him that they're not necessairly good and updates him about the situation with the blood.
  • The DNA on the blood comes back and Tripp knows that Albie is tryihng to protect one of the kids but wants to figure out which one.
  • Gigi is on the 40 Under 40 list.
  • Luke meets Willa, the new bartender at Gigi's bar.
  • Nicky leaves the guy she's supposed to meet with Luke waiting for an hour and then performrs to get his attention.
  • Nicky gets the gig to open for The Yellow Roses and can see her as the third rose, but they already had someone in mind for the tour, Gigi.
  • Catt tells Ana about her relationship to Albie.
  • Earl encourages Nicky to fight for her spot and convince the Yellow Roses that they should take her.
  • Albie's albulm is suppose to be due that day, but he's still writing and Luke is aggravated.
  • Nicky goes to speak to Kayla. Nicky leverages her information about Kayla. She threatens Kayla to tell Gigi not to go on the tour or else she'll tell her about  her and Luke.
  • Jamie tells Nicky about his new opportunity in LA that he doesn't want to take because of her, but she is dismissive about it and doesn't want him giving something up for her.
  • Ace goes over to talk to Ana, but Ana has left
  • Albie's song is a confession to murdering Clive which concerns Jamie.
  • Catt lets Ace go after Ana to track her down even if that means heading back to Alburque
  • Kayla tells Gigi to go on the tour anyway.
  • Luke tells Nicky about Albie's song.
  • Gigi performs and then announces that she wont' go on the tour because she doesn't want to be away from her family.
  • Ace tracks Ana down.
  • They talk about how they didn't feel they belonged and Ace tells her that he used to feel the same way but the Romans proved him wrong.
  • Ana is upset that the world will think that she only made it because she's a Roman.
  • Kayla goes off on Nicky and dares her to do the Dottie think since she'll never hurt Gigi to manipulate her.
  • Ace and Ana perform on a stage together.
  • Nicky and Luke try to talk to Albie about his song, but he doesn't want to hear them.
  • Gigi confronts Nicky about her tryihng to convince Kayla to get Gigi to not join the tour.
  • Albie tells Nicky that the DA found blood in the car and that it's hers.
  • Albie tells Nicky that he went to prison for driving drunk killing a man but it wasn't him who was driving and killed the man, Tripp did, and he took the blame because of Tripp's future.
  • Ana and Ace talk about their relationship. Ace says that they'll figure everything out.
  • Nicky goes to Gigi's to apologize to her.
  • Jamie tells Nicky that he turned down LA.
  • Luke calls someone (Marcia Cross) about an offer and he wants to talk.
  • Willa (the bartender) got DNA from all the Romans she gives it to Tripp.
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Monarch Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Now I know why you were giving me so much crap about Ace. He's adopted by the way, so it shouldn't even matter but you're just like them. All you care is about is what it looks like.


Gigi: Your time will come, Nicky. I know it. Just don't give up.
Nicky: Yeah, never.