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Bozouls, 1945

Gabrielle and Jacques meet clandestinely. He was hidden with two Gestapo in a shack. She doesn’t want to know any more. He’s there to pick her up to leave for a flight to Argentina. She’s hesitant. Did she miss the day when he sold his soul? He says they must hurry, and she tells him he’s not going to Argentina. She shoots him in the chest. Maurice comes up next and does the same. One by one, everyone he had wronged takes a shot. Retribution.

From down below, Philippe watches the activity. Amazingly, by the time Patrice takes his shot, Jacques is still breathing. Philippe and Audrey watch as Jacques falls below, and those who killed him view the body.

Spade is alive thanks to Henri, shot one of the intruders. Henri has been keeping an eye on Teresa, so he was there quickly. Sam reminds him that it was supposed to be when he’s not home.

Henri jams the gun into the man’s mouth, demanding answers, and Sam wants him to take the women and go upstairs.

The man is now tied to a kitchen chair while Spade grabs a smoke. Sam beats him around a little. In the past, he would have killed the man without asking questions, but he’s a different man now. For now, Sam’s going to do a little Dean Martin impression. When he asks a question, if he doesn’t get an answer, he’ll kick the man in the head. He starts with a kick.

Sam guesses he’s army intelligence. Philippe stole the kid from SDECE. Philippe went rogue, so this guy and this pal dropped by to see if Teresa could tell them where to find the kid. Their order was to take the girl if they couldn’t find the boy. But he claims to have no idea why the boy is so important.

The boy is the head of a many-spoked wheel?

Sam promises to wrap Philippe up in a carpet to these guys in Rome to do whatever they want with him, but if he sees them on their property again, he’ll shoot them in the balls. The guy threatens Spade by telling him he still has many enemies, but this guy’s boss isn’t one of them. After all, this guy is still alive.

Jean-Pierre awakes from a nightmare. He sees Marguerite isn’t in bed. That’s because she’s meeting with whoever she planned to meet from the last episode.

Whoever she’s meeting has had a stroke. He’s not always lucid. He stopped eating a few days ago. The man asks about Jean-Pierre. I guess it’s her father. He gave all his money away to various organizations of suffering souls.

Oh, he’s Jean-Pierre’s father, Denis. She used to sing his songs with him. He says she was too young to get married, and she counters but not for you. Jean-Pierre went to war to escape his father. Denis wants Jean-Pierre to know that he’s ending his life with exactly what he deserves — nothing. That annoys Marguerite to no end.

There is a body in Spade’s pool that the Fitzsimmons duo apparently found. They are talking in circles. The guy was shot in the back of the head. His partner was let go, Sam says. Sam might be gathering that the Fitzsimmons aren’t who they say they are. The way she’s dressed seems odd enough, always in a suit and carrying her purse.

Patrice reminds Spade these aren’t the good old days of his life in San Francisco.

Samir’s wife is worried because a man has been outside their window ever since the Imam visited.

Jean-Pierre is outside chatting with a man who was blinded. His eyes are a mess—war wounds. The man tells Jean-Pierre about it. It was a boy no older than 13 or 14 fired at him, but the trigger jammed. He knocked him over and left him alive.

Five years later, the leader of the unit, when he was captured, is the boy. They put on a kettle and offered him a cup of tea, and the kid poured boiling water into his eyes. It was a great day because he finally understood how hate both focuses and distracts from our purposes.

When he gets home, Jean-Pierre studies photos from the war. There is a woman, and he recalls her crying. That must be the woman he said he wanted to know whether she was still alive.

Jean-Pierre hears a sound and heads down to the club, gun-cocked. It’s Samir. He’s got the kid with him. He’s returning him where he found him, I guess.

Sam wants to know what is going on with Henri. He wants the truth. Who did he call when he shot a man? Henri was on duty last night. What’s his rank? Sub-Lieutenant. Sam just wants the decency to know if he’s lurking around in the future.

Teresa asks Henri about SDECE—the French Intelligence Agency. Henri is an analyst. She asks many questions, and he laughs that she sounds like Spade. She kisses him on the cheek, and he kisses her for real. As they’re kissing, she takes his notebook from his pocket.

Jean-Pierre calls Philippe. He has the boy.

Teresa goes to Audrey’s house. She brings back the clothes she made for Teresa, as Teresa knows they were made only as a way to secure her inheritance. Audrey is a POS, a truly horrible woman who sulks because she’s no longer young.

Sam, Patrice, and the Fitzsimmons are sharing breakfast. The way she’s piling food on Patrice’s plate, I wonder if it’s drugged. Sam notices the high-end antenna on the roof. She asks what kind of gun she should get, but Sam tries to dissuade her from purchasing one.

Sam heads inside under the guise of using the toilet. The camera pans below to the garage, bolted shut. He’s making his way there now to see what he can about the wires from the antenna. He can hear something inside the garage. Mrs. Fitzsimmons finds him there.

By the end of the awful meal, both Patrice and Spade know these people are not who they pretend to be.

Jean-Pierre finds Marguerite in the kitchen. She reveals where she was. Jean-Pierre says he’s kept an eye on him if only to spit on his grave. Chasten said if she visited Denis, he’d return some letters. She had given Denis the letters to help find Jean-Pierre to bring him home. He’s insulted she shared him even if it was to help. Denis had asked that she read them to her.

Jean-Pierre thought all was lost and made a deal with another devil to get out. He won’t tell her who.

A man is knocked out in an alley. Philippe did the knocking. He’s visiting Jean-Pierre. He says their debt is squared. Jean-Pierre turns the boy over to Philippe.


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Monsieur Spade Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

So it’s you then. The one they all kill for.


But now for the million-dollar question. What is so important about this little kid that everyone is willing to murder nuns or kidnap young girls in order to get their hands on him?