Deborah Doesn't Look Good - Mr. Mercedes
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Brady taunts Hodges Under Debbie's Blue Umbrella. "I'm here for you."

Deborah is watching the news coverage of the accident calling for Brady to watch with her. He gets online with Hodges instead.

That leaves Deb to her own devices in the kitchen where she decides to cook up a little ground meat.

Brady wants Hodges to take the glock from his desk and shoot himself. Ida wanders in because she doesn't want Bill to be alone.

When Bill slams his computer closed leaving Brady alone, Brady's eyes are watering.

Hodges doesn't want Ida near him. When people are near him, people die.

Deborah wonders if the meat tastes weird, but calls Brady to dinner anyway.

Deborah begins to belch. At the kitchen sink, she's not doing too well. I wouldn't be surprised if she feels a little bit like a rat. She starts to cry in pain as blood pours out of her mouth.

She's writhing on the floor, her eyes are bleeding, her teeth are clenched and the pain is excruciating. But when she screams to dial 911, Brady can't do it.

The monster tries to pour water down her clenched, convulsing throat. He adds salt and dumps down more and she throws up all over him before dying.

It's a terrible and painful way to die. Brady slaps around in his prison-issue thongs and underwear cleaning the kitchen while his dead mother lies on a trashbag in the dining room.

Brady drags her upstairs. He begins cleaning her. He cannot close her eyes. He doesn't have much experience with a dead body.

Holly's parents want to leave, but she doesn't want to go with them. She doesn't want to leave her cousin's body nor does she want to leave Hodges' alone.

Hodges visits his daughter out of flat-out concern while Ida worries he's gone MIA.

Josh and Robi worry about Brady being such a sadsack. Corporate wants to make their Supreme Electonix store a superstore. While they're talking about their plans, Lou walks in.

Apparently, Brady called Lou in the midst of his mom catastrophe. He probably told her too much. Will she be in his sites, too?

Pete has Hodges in an interrogation room. NOW he wants to know all about what he refused to listen to before.

Brady arrives home to a neighbor at the door. He was supposed to have lunch with Deborah, but she didn't show. Brady says she went to Indiana to start a salon.

When Hodges arrives home, Janey's car is in front of his house, Holly inside. Ida comes over, too. Bill doesn't lack for company.

Brady has memories of his mother and Jerry. There is moisture under his eye again.

Holly is going to stay with Hodges Allie's room. She's tickled when she sees Hodges gave her the universe.

Holly gets up and tries to access Olivia's computer.

In the morning, Holly and Jerome are working on the computer together. Olivia's password was willowlake. They look at a sound profile on the computer called "spooks." It's not a Mac profile. It's screams from the deaths, perhaps.

It was installed on July 1st the year before, along with many other files as a part of "inner demon."

Bill insists they take it to the police.

Robi gets to Brady's house. Brady says he's sick. But when Brady gives him a very strange look, Robi says Brady isn't working out, that's what he is.

Brady is continuing his plans to make a move on the new arts center.

Ida wonders if Bill loved Janey. He loved the idea of love. She thinks that's something. Bill just feels dead inside.

Brady is with his mother, snuggling with her fly-ridden corpse telling her he will make her proud before meeting her in the afterlife.


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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

I've been a cop for 35 years, and I know all about protocol, and there is a time to dump it in the shitter. This is one of those times.


Shit, Bill, I'm sorry. I know how hard you tried to tell us before, and I'm sorry. Truly.