Da Bomb! Da Bomb! - Mr. Mercedes
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Hodges wakes up to Danny Boy playing on his record player. There is a pool of blood leading from the player outside into the backyard and to a body hanging in his tree. The ice cream man is outside feeding Allie, Jerome, and Holly. He kisses Ida passionately before giving her the gun.

While pushing Allie on the swings, a man grabs Allie from it. Hodges goes back into the house only to find everyone he loves dead inside before he's attacked by a wild looking Brady Hartsfield.

Ida is still worried about Bill's lack of grieving.

The cops and Bill are watching Brady's video. In it, he gobbled pills so it looked like he committed suicide while he rambled incoherently.

Hodges isn't so sure things are done. Brady Hartsfield wasn't the type to commit suicide and just slink away.

Lou is in the office, slinkily giving the finger to Josh as he walked by.

They can't find Robi. Lou knows he goes to see his dad on his days off. Josh, though, gets to the store and notices there is something there that wasn't that only he and Brady knew about.

The bomb squad clears the store and then Hodges' house.

Brady is making his bomb to fit under a wheelchair.

The medical examiner is doing his work on the bodies, discovering the female might have died of poisoning. The male might have died to blunt force trauma to the back of the head. That's a strange suicide.

Josh goes to Robi's apartment when he's two hour's late. When he notices his car in the lot, he calls the police.

When Josh notices a missing rug, the cops bring in luminol. Unless Robi was killing his own food in the kitchen, they have themselves a crime scene.

They have verification that the corpse wasn't Brady.

Brady is shaving his head for his big event. The cops are guessing for the Roseland and a gala.

Hodges is on his way to the job fair when he abruptly turns around and heads to Edmund Mills. Brady is going after people Hodges cares about, not just a random crowd.

Brady is wheeling in and doesn't look anything like his photo.

Hodges tells Ida to get the hell out of her house. She's wondering if that's really necessary as she pours a glass of wine and sits down to dinner.

Brady is in the bathroom preparing when Lou spots him. She can't believe it. He has to stand up to kill her and look into her eyes to do it.

It happens while Jerome is receiving his honor. Brady tosses a plastic bag over her, but I don't think she's dead. Brady couldn't stab her eyes out, and that strong bitch is going to crawl out and call him out. Please!! Yes! She's screaming help.

Hodges hears her. Her guts are probably falling out the way he tried to gut her. She's crying. She doesn't want to die, nor does she want Brady to return.

Lou identifies Brady's new look and after Hodges wrenches his back or perhaps begins having a heart attack, he stumbles out to the crowd while children are singing that damned "let it shine" song.

Holly finds Jerome to tell him everyone needs to go. As soon as he screams, Hodges does, too. He has a gun pointed at Brady's ugly face.

I can't tell what Holly says, but she pulls out of her bag the bulldog and begins beating the brains out of Brady. He has literal holes in his head.

Next, Brady is watching Holly and Jerome receive an award from the mayor for saving the day.

Jerome is at his side, but it's time to go to Harvard.

Holly signs on her Aunt Olivia's apartment. Josh is in Robi's position. Allie gets out of rehab, but we don't know where she goes.

Lou survived and so did Brady. His brain isn't functioning so great, but as the camera fades to black, the chaos is still reigning in his brain.


Mr. Mercedes
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Mr. Mercedes Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Jerome: We were closing in on him, and he knew it.
Hodges: We?
Jerome: Yeah, we.

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Doctor: His brain has the same electromagnetic level as a triple-A battery you left in a remote five years ago.
Hodges: If I whack that remote long enough, I'll get that TV runnin', I promise ya.