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We're right back to the beginning as Bill and Brady are rushed to the hospital after the attack.

The brain surgery on Brady is incredibly graphic. While Bill is being saved, he has no idea a crazy pants surgeon is working as hard as he is to save Brady's, too.

Brady's new doctor, Felix Babineau, is being courted to test a new brain treatment by his wife, Cora.

By the end of the credits, the treatment is well in progress and Bill is out of the hospital but visiting Brady all of the time. Brady is deteriorating physically, but it doesn't stop Bill from coming back. One day, his eyes are open.

Fred is still kicking around the backyard.

Over at Ida's house, a tree falls on her gazebo. She built it with her former husband, Larry, and the kids. It was the best ever. Bill offers to rebuild it for her.

Holly gets a call from her mother at Finders Keepers. Despite the call, she looks great!

Bill is at a small commuter airport doing a job. He's trying to retract the airplane from the fraud who bought it and is stopped by security. The guy gets away.

Cora tries to get Felix to up the dose because the Chinese added their drug. Felix isn't really interested. They talk about GORK or GORT or GORP but I have no idea what they really call Brady's condition and I can't find it on the internet.

Found it!! God Only Really Knows. GORK. Whew.

Bill takes a case to Pete. There's no money in it for Finders Keepers.

Pete and Bill are building Ida's gazebo when Pete disappears. Bill finds Pete inside his house on the gound looking to have been poisoned. Bill desperately tried to revive him, but his friend is dead.

But it was just heart issues.

Holly immediately moves in with Bill for the period of two weeks to help him cope with his grief.

Bill's wife, Donna, is at Pete's funeral.

Donna and Bill talk about the end of their marriage and the irony that it ended because she was afraid she would lose him, but when it became a reality she couldn't visit him in the hospital.

Cora is pregnant and threatens the baby if Felix doesn't give Brady the whole dose.

Felix gives Brady the whole dose.

Bill visits Janelle's grave and drops off flowers on his way to Pete's. When Brady steps over and says hi, you have to imagine Bill is dreaming.

Brady is dressed like a skinny Colonel Sanders. He's determined he's kind of a celebrity given the number of expensive machines keeping him alive.

In the hole is not Pete's coffin, Brady says, and disappears leaving a ladder in his wake. Bill climbs down and into the hospital. With a trail of bloody footsteps he goes into Brady's room where Brady waves to him. Nobody is around and before he knows it, Brady is walking out of the hospital in his gown. Up on land, he's ridiculing grievers at funerals. Bill awakes.

Bill blames the frozen fuckin' yogurt.

Bill makes an appointment to visit Brady immediately. When he gets there, Bill gives Brady a rundown of all the others who are dead while Brady is still tickin', drawin' breath.

With some tissues covering his prints, Bill stops Brady's breathing for a little while. It has the opposite effect than intended as when Bill leaves the room, the little shit is suddenly alert.

Brady imagines a basement full of "we missed you" and "welcome home" signs and balloons as he talks about the next frontier. In the crawl space of the basement are the graves of his loved ones. Even his beloved murder car is down there waiting for him.

Bill is in need of a drink, and a strong one, poured right over his frozen yogurt.

If you've never done that, don't knock it. It's not all that bad when you're desperate for the best of both worlds.

Brady starts screaming CHAOS and knocking at an imaginary window in his mind.

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Mr. Mercedes Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Bill: I'm guessin' you weren't first in your class.
Guard: Which class?
Bill: Any of 'em.

Cora: Brady Hartsfield is a GORK, yes?
Felix: Yes.
Cora: So what's the problem here?
Felix: He's a human being.
Cora: Felix, Brady is a monster out of fairy tales that you would only tell children you hate.