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Elliot is saved by Price and learns that Whiterose has been part of some of the biggest decisions in the world. 

His plan has always been to slither into some big meetings to get control of the world. 

Price told Elliot he saved him because he thought he could be the one to help make the change to take Whiterose down. 

Price agreed to get the big people into a meeting in 8 days to allow Elliot to take them down once and for all. 

Price turned to Whiterose and said that he was leaving and Whiterose said he would need everyone from Dark Army in a room to agree. 

Price tells him to get it done then. 

Darlene and Elliot make their way to their mom's room to try to get rid of her belongings. 

They make their way to the bank with an order for a safety deposit box, but it they are stunned to learn that it's gone because of no payment for two years. 

They both later agree to be nicer to each other and to take the villains down at every turn. 

Elliot then learns there's a third person in his head. 

Mr. Robot
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Mr. Robot Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Price: Consider yourself lucky, Mr. Alderson... that I was the one alerted when you walked into that apartment. It's my duty to dispose of any intruder and report the attempt.
Elliot: But you didn't. Why?

Elliot: Do you want to go back to not talking, fighting, blocking each other out?
Mr. Robot: No, I want to work together.