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Mulaney, Jane and Motif are on their way back from attending a Persian wedding. On their flight is a marine who Motif gives up his first class seat for. 

After meeting on the airplane, Jane and the marine are going out for a drink. 

Mulaney decides that he wants to do a USO show. When he asks Lou for time off to go sign up for a show it triggers scarring memories. 

When Motif and Mulaney go in for an audition, Motif is chosen over Mulaney. 

Mulaney is given some advice by Chad, unfortunately, he gets rejected by the military again. He then tries to convince Lou to do a USO show in Miami. 

Lou recounts his experience doing a USO show in Hawaii. 

Motif loses Franklin, the marine's dog, in the park when taking him for a walk. Jane does not want to tell Chad the truth about Franklin.

When Jane discovers what Chad wears as a civilian, she is not impressed and decides they should break up. Oscar returns Franklin back to Mulaney.

Mulaney reunites Lou with his old USO friend, Murphy. Lou agrees to do the USO show with Mulaney. Lou and Mulaeny fly to Kabul to do their USO show. 

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Mulaney Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

I only regret that I have but one seat to give for my country.


When it comes to the military, I am a special type of coward. I know something needs to be done, I just really hope that someone else does it first.