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Nancy's television plays a video of Tiffany Hudson right before her death before exploding. Bess believes it was a message from Lucy. Nancy worries Lucy was warning her that Bess is the killer. 

Carson tells Nancy that the autopsy reports claims that Tiffany died of natural causes.

Nancy finds out that Bess isn't who she claims to be. 

The last living Tandy, Laura, comes into town determined to figure out what happened to her sister. 

The Chief tells Ace to find out what Laura knows about Tiffany's death. 

Bess gets attacked by something in the vent at the diner.

She tells George and Nancy that she found the ring outside the diner not realizing it was Tiffany's. Bess worries that Tiffany's ghost is mad at her for taking it. 

Laura catches Ace tailing her and she asks Ace for intel about her sister's murder. 

Nancy finds a British passport in Bess' locker. 

George's mom tells the girls that Tiffany is a new ghost who doesn't understand she's dead. To get rid of her, they have to put Tiffany's ring back on her body. 

Nancy tells her dad that she took a vial of blood from Tiffany's body. 

George puts the ring on Tiffany's finger at the funeral, and overhears Ryan mourning his wife. 

Bess reveals that she thinks she's a Marvin and she came from London to get DNA proof. 

Laura plays Tiffany's 911 call during the funeral and vows to find out who murdered her sister. 

Something rises out of Tiffany's grave while George apologizes to her. 

The reason Nancy is mad at her dad is that he didn't let her know her mom was dead until it was too late. He tells her he was honoring her mom's wishes. They put flowers on her gravestone. 

Carson tells the press that he thinks the autopsy report is inconclusive. 

Laura apologizes to Ace for betraying him and they kiss. 

Nancy realizes that the cracks forming on her electronics are a map leading to her highschool. She finds a picture of Karen and Lucy together.

Laura steals a flashdrive from Nic's place.

Tiffany's ghost takes over George's body. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Help me! It came out of the vent.


Bess: That was definitely not a fuse, Nancy.
Nancy: It was something.
Bess: Well, I think it was a message from Lucy like the time she told you not to go into the morgue.