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Nancy finds an invitation at the Hudson house to attend an underground auction called, "The Velvet Mask." Nancy questions Owen about it. 

Ryan shows up at Nancy's house afraid that someone is trying to kill him. 

Nancy offers to help him if he takes her to "The Velvet Mask" in return. 

Ace helps Beth prepare for her date with Lisbeth. 

George and Nick show up at Nancy's house and see Ryan. Nancy explains her plan to retrieve Ryan's coins in exchange for an entry into the auction. 

Nancy steals the coins. Nick and George discover that the coins prove that the Hudsons are complicit in a dozen murders. 

Nancy walks in on Dead Lucy attacking Ryan in her house. 

Lisbeth shows up to the diner for her date with Bess and Ace waits on them. 

Ryan reveals to Nancy that he had a summer fling with Lucy. 

Nick asks Nancy to get the coins back from Ryan since they could bring down the Hudsons, but she refuses. 

Nancy and Ryan go to "The Velvet Mask." Nick, George, Bess, and Ace get in by calling in a favor to Lauren Tandy. 

Nancy finds the Kracken mask from Lucy's poem. Owen tries to get Nancy to leave the auction. 

Ryan's mom tries to convince him to give her the coins. 

Nick tells Nancy that he and their friends are planning to steal the coins, dispute Nancy asking them not to. 

Bess finds Lisabeth at the party and it makes her believe that she was lying to get out of their date earlier. 

Nancy realizes that Lucy caught Ryan's mom cheating on her husband with his rival at the auction twenty years ago. Nancy confronts the Hudson. 

The gang tries to steal the coins during the bid, but Bess gets distracted by Lisbeth and they get caught. Owen comes to their rescue. 

Lucy appears to Ryan as her former self and they kiss. Nancy walks in on them and warns Ryan that it's her ghost. His ring starts to burn and Lucy leaves a message on it claiming that her death is connected to Tiffany's. 

Ryan reveals that he and Lucy were dating, but his parents wouldn't let them see each other after the auction. They went to Carson Drew to handle it. 

Nancy finds out that the second DNA sample on Lucy's crown was female. 

Back at the diner, Nancy reveals that she stole the coins when her friends got kicked out. 

Lisbeth shows up to surprise Bess and they kiss. 

Owen asks Nancy to have dinner with him, but she tells him her heart belongs to Nick. Nick sees their interaction and misinterprets it. 

The coins move by themselves on the table. 

Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Nick: Tiffany's records let me to those coins. She wanted me to find them.
Nancy: I believe you. But those coins will not help solve Tiffany's murder and they're my only shot at getting answers about Lucy. I'm sorry.
George: Chin up, Sparky. At least she said, "I'm sorry."

Nick: Why is she being so-
George: Relentless? Single-minded? Nick, that's who Nancy is.