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Nancy questions if her dead is responsible for Lucy's death. 

George and Ryan make out in his bed until Ryan receives a call about Tiffany's autopsy. Ryan decides to have his wife's body moved so he can have control over the autopsy.

Nancy goes to the morgue to test Tiffany's blood, but can't find a way in. A ghostly hand grabs her but the figure goes away when she turns around. 

George steals Ryan's phone, but gives it back believing that he's innocent. Unknown to either of them, Nancy was watching their entire encounter. 

Ryan asks Nancy's dad to be his lawyer, but he refuses them. 

Nancy and George get in an argument when she confronts her about Ryan. 

At a town event with Nick, Nancy has another vision of Lucy while stealing a key card to the morgue. She tells Ace and Bess what she saw. 

Nancy sneaks into the morgue and takes a sample of Tiffany's blood. She finds evidence from Lucy's murder right before an alarm goes off and locks all the doors. George shows up and Nancy gives her the blood before she gets arrested. 

Ace tells Bess he saw her get Lisbeth's number when she helped them with their car and he understands. Bess says she doesn't really date or let herself get close to anyone.  

While Nancy is being processed at the station she steals the number that Tiffany texted last before she was killed. 

Nancy is taken into police custody and her father comes to see her.

Carson tells her he knows that Nancy broke into his files, but Nick never knew Tiffany was the witness who got him convicted. He also says that the bloody dress Nancy found in the attic was an old prank.

Carson takes Ryan on as his client to pay Nancy's bail. 

Nick fixes Nancy's mother's car for her. 

Bess starts to text Lisbeth, but changes her mind. 

Carson burns the bloody dress that Nancy found. 

Everyone knocks over a water bucket at night to symbol death passing them by another year. George's bucket was filled with blood. 








Nancy Drew
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Nancy Drew Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Nick: Don't tell me you plan on doing something dangerous again.
Nancy: I won't...tell you.

Nancy: We're gonna work together to break into the morgue tonight.
George: Wait, who said we were gonna do anything?
Nancy: Well, as fellow suspects you should be highly incentivized to help me.