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16-year-old Naomi runs a popular Superman fansite. And while preparing for an upcoming debate, she learns of a wild stunt happening in the town square of Port Oswego.

On the way to the square, she hears a buzzing sound and passes out, but not before seeing a figure fly through the sky. She learns she missed a fight between Superman and another person when she awakes, though the town believes it was a stunt.

Naomi asks people around town about the stunt and gathers video footage from those who captured the event. She asks he father if it was potentially related to the military, but he rejects that notion.

Naomi’s ex-boyfriend, Nathan, edits the various clips from the event into a video, and after watching it, she spots local tattoo artist Dee, who appears to know Superman. But when Naomi and Nathan question Dee, he becomes evasive before declaring that he staged the stunt.

At a debate at the military base, Naomi once again hears buzzing and passes out on stage. Later, she realizes that when she takes her glasses off, she can see certain things more precisely, including a message delivered to a military man that says there’s evidence Superman was in a nearby forest.

Naomi goes to the forest and finds a disc. She is approached by Zumbado, a local car salesman who is known to not be a good guy. He demands the disc, and after Naomi runs, the leaves fly around.

After Zumbado makes off with the disc, Naomi gets her friends to break into the car lot and search for it. They do not find it before fleeing quickly when Zumbado returns, but Naomi finds an article sighting a flying object sighting in Port Oswego on the day she was adopted.

Finding a picture of Dee in the article, Naomi confronts him, and he displays his wings to her. She then asks him who she is.

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