Party Time - Naomi Season 1 Episode 8
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Naomi and Nathan go mini-golfing with Annabelle and Jacob, and Naomi hears indistinct voices.

Later, Greg and Jen discuss canceling their anniversary party to keep Naomi safe, but they eventually decide to hold the party still. Naomi then overhears them talking about moving her away from Port Oswego.

Naomi and Dee continue to train, but Zumbado shows up and tells Naomi that she's not training enough, but Naomi agrees with Dee and thinks that using her powers will attract the wrong people to her.

Naomi hears someone in her bedroom when she arrives home with Annabelle, and she discovers that some stole the disc from her room.

Jacob tells Naomi and Annabelle that he saw online that there may have been aliens at STAR labs. He also tells Naomi that he's working on a prototype.

Naomi meets with Zumbado, and he asks her to fly, but she tells him she's not ready.

Nathan and Anthony have to do community service at Lourdes's comic book shop. Later, they find out she's selling her comics to help keep the comic book shop afloat.

Naomi goes to STAR labs to look around, and Jacob shows up. After taking a hard drive, Jacob is almost crushed by a falling beam that Naomi stops with her strength, thus revealing to Jacob that she is an alien.

Naomi and Jacob decide not to tell Annabelle that Jacob knows, and they work together to combine Bell's research with Jacob's prototype to develop a way to track aliens. They can see three objects and travel to a storage unit, which ends up being her parents. There they find a "go" bag with passports and money.

Zumbado tells Dee that they have to push Naomi to amplify her powers or they will never win against Brutus, but he says no.

Naomi confronts her parents about the bag, and they tell her that things are getting increasingly dangerous they need to be prepared.

Nathan and Anthony attempt to raise money for the comic book store by staging a Lord of the Rings trivia game at the store, but Lourdes kicks them out. She later apologizes to them, and they all agree that they're friends.

Zumbado challenges Dee to a fight, and he reminds him that Naomi's enemies will not have any honor. The two decide that Naomi will need to learn the best from both of them to have a chance against her enemies.

At the McDuffie anniversary party, Naomi apologizes to Annabelle for lying to her and trying to protect her when it's her choice what she wants to do. They get a 911 text from Jacob upstairs, who tells them that his prototype has pinpointed an alien at the party.

The military looks to seize whatever they can from STAR labs.



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Naomi Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Naomi: Dee's a good teacher.
Zumbado: I'm sure he is. But the only way that you'll get better at controlling your powers is by using them.

Annabelle: You wanna leave Port Oswego?
Naomi: No. I love it here. It's just, like...maybe it's the only way to make sure no one around me gets hurt.
Annabelle: If you move, I would be very hurt.