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The tour heads to New York City, where Rayna has her kids, Juliette has her mom, and Deacon has his new girlfriend.  Rayna attempts to keep her kids from getting into the music business, but they're so talented that it is difficult to stop them. Juliette uses Jolene's life coach to help her in a meeting with sponsors, but then thanks her mom for being there for her during the concert.  The meeting between Deacon's girlfriend and Rayna is awkward, so he decides he wants to quit touring.

Avery can't get anything going on the music scene because he screwed over his partners.  What he can get is a gig as a roadie, so he heads out to New York to join the tour.  Scarlett and Gunnar wrestle with the fact that she got a deal from Rayna and he didn't.  Eventually, Gunnar admits that he is not Avery, and he is happy that she got the deal.

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